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Upgrade Your Camera

Improve and protect your photos with these three accessories.
joby gorilla 200x170joby gorilla 200x170

SanDisk Extreme
16GB SD card

$20; .1 oz.;

The most reliable, water-, shock-, x-ray- proof memory cards we’ve found (after years of use, we’ve never had a corrupt file); available in many sizes They costs almost twice as much as an inferior cards.

Lowepro Dashpoint 10

$17; 1.8 oz.;

Padded, structured case offers great protection for point-and-shoots; versatile attachment system works both vertically (on a shoulder strap) and horizontally (on a hipbelt) Might be
unnecessary with these
up-armored cameras
Joby Gorillapod Original

$20; 1.7 oz.;
Great for self-portraits, shake-free video, and time lapses when using compact cameras; flexible arms let you attach camera to a branch or trekking pole; lighter than a traditional tripod It’s wobblier than full-sized tripods, and can sag during ultra-long exposures.

[Tech Talk]

Exposure Compensation Master this feature (common to most point-and-shoots) and you’re guaranteed to improve the quality of your photos. Dark areas (like shadowy forests) and bright areas (like snow) pose a challenge for automatic cameras, leading to under- or overexposed pictures. Solution: Find your exposure compensation control and dial it up (+) a notch or two to make a scene brighter or down a bit (-) to kill excessive highlights.

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