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The Manual: How to Shoot Wildlife Photography

Find and frame animals perfectly with this wildlife photography primer.
compose perfect photocompose perfect photo



Bighorn sheep
High, steep slopes. Hotspot: Rocky Mountain NP, CO
Frame bighorns with side or backlighting to make them pop against alpine terrain.
Marshy bogs and meadows. Hotspot: Isle Royale NP, MI
Shoot from a kayak: The low angle makes moose look more dramatic, and you’ll likely get closer than on land.
Bald eagles
Ocean, lake, and river shores. Hotspot: Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, AK
Use an easy-to-hold telephoto lens, increase shutter speed to at least 1/500, and track the eagle as it dives for fish.
Berry patches, salmon streams, and meadows. Hotspots: Yosemite NP, CA (black); Glacier NP, MT (griz)
Underexpose the shot to capture a dark bear without blowing out the background. Shoot twice (at -1/3 and at -2/3) to ensure you get the right exposure.
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