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The Cutting Room: GPS

Here's how to turn raw data into finished files that will wow your friends and preserve trip memories better than any photo album.

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Edit Trip Data
Using your mapping software or website of choice, rename waypoints, delete tracklogs from unwanted detours, and add descriptive comments (e.g. “last water for 6 miles”). Review trip photos to recall details about key locations and waypoints.

Download GPSBabel (free, to translate your trip data into .gpx, a universal file format that enables you to share routes with friends and upload to mapping websites.

GEOTAG Your Photos
Download GPicSync (free,, which matches the GPS coordinates from your tracklog to your photos using identical timestamps from both devices. Now you can add location-specific images to digital maps on or Google Earth.

Fly Your Hike
Upload your edited GPS data to Google Earth. Your tracks and waypoints will appear under the Places menu. Double-click them to retrace your route.

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