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Record Better Media: Picture and Video Masterpieces

You can't beat a dedicated camera for clarity, control, and quality, but smartphones come close enough for most of us-this magazine has even published iPhone photos. Use these tools and techniques to amp up your device's multimedia power:
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Boost your phone’s native camera with Camera Zoom FX ($3;, which bundles a self-timer, time-lapse tool, grid overlays, shot stabilizer, optical zoom, and a burst mode into one app.

Capture hi-res panoramas
with ProCapture ($4;, which links up to 12 photos into a seamless vista and mimics a wide-angle lens with its Wide Shot mode.


Fix common lighting problems with the Blux Camera Pro app ($3;, which analyzes light, suggests filters, controls zoom, and corrects errors.

Eliminate hand-shake with Luma’s video stabilization app (free;, which uses the iPhone’s gyroscope to measure the camera’s motion and digitally recalibrates the image.


Master the time-lapse with Timelapse Helper (free; for iPhone and TimeLapse! Calculator (free; explorerdc.blogspot .com) for Android. Enter the interval (two- to three-second intervals are best for fast-moving subjects like people and 30-second intervals are best for stars) and the frames-per-second you want in the output video, and the app calculates the shooting duration.

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