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March 2008

March 2008 Essentials Review: High Tech


SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker
This palm-size widget is a GPS, personal locator, and emergency responder rolled into one. It works three ways: 1) You safely arrive at camp but want to ease your spouse’s concerns back home. Hit the OK button and the unit triggers an "I’m OK" email message to him/her with your location pinpointed on a Google Map. 2) You fall and break your wrist in a talus field. The injury is not life-threatening, but you need assistance. The Help button triggers an email/location message to your friends and family. 3) A grizzly chews off your foot. Press 911, and emergency responders are dispatched to your location. We’ve successfully sent OK messages from mountains in Colorado, canyons of Utah, and on sailing trips in the Caribbean. $170 (plus $100 annual fee); 7.4 oz.;

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