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iHike: Hiking in the Digital Age

A Complete Guide to the Digital Revolution–and How to Join It
Backpacker_Magazine_iHike_introIllustrations by Jackie McCaffrey

Learn new skills

  • Plan your trips online–in 3D!
  • Record your adventures with innovative cameras and GPS.
  • Create killer maps, videos, and slideshows to share with your friends–or the world.

Plan It: New Tools, New Rules
Every great trip boils down to this: Picking an ideal location, capturing memorable moments, and bragging about it. Here’s how to get started the high-tech way.
Document It: Field School
Take your new tools to the trail to master the skills you’ll need to navigate, record, and share your best adventures.

Organize It: The Cutting Room
Here’s how to turn raw data into finished files that will wow your friends and preserve trip memories better than any photo album.

Share It: All the World’s a (Cyber) Stage 
Your adventure is ready for primetime. Here are 19 ways reach the audience in your living room-or around the world.

Hike It: 4 Big Trips Made Easy
Ready to dial up the adventure meter? Try out your new digital skills–and go places most people can’t–on these life-list journeys.

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