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Editors’ Choice 2010: Tanka Bar Spicy Pepper Blend

Give yourself a flavor-rich protein boost with this update on a classic.
editors choice 2010 tanka bites 200x170editors choice 2010 tanka bites 200x170

Lakota Indians can claim one of the original trail snacks; they pounded dried buffalo meat together with chokecherries. Now, their descendents living on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation have updated the process to bring hikers the best jerky we’ve tasted.

The spicy version, with buffalo meat, dried cranberries, spices, and peppers (including habanero), delivers seven grams of protein and 70 calories per ounce in a flavor hit that puts all other protein snacks to shame.

Bonus: No preservatives, just grass-fed buffalo bliss. $6/two 1-oz. bars; $15/two 3-oz. packs of Tanka Bites;

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