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Winter Camping Gear & Clothing

Your complete guide to choosing, fitting, and using essential winter gear.
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Inevitably, layers get damp–especially socks. Here are three techniques our experts use to get the wet out.

Wear them dry. Keep slightly damp baselayers on under additional insulation so body heat will dry them as you cook or play cards. Slide damp socks inside your jacket to dry them.

Sleep them dry. Spread soggy clothes, boot liners, and footbeds out in your sleeping bag, where body heat will dry them. “I wear long johns to bed, which keeps the wet stuff off my skin,” says Fierer. “Your thighs and stomach, where there’s a lot of blood flow, are especially good places to spread things out to dry.”

Bake them dry. Take advantage of blazing sunshine: Drape shirts across a rock or between two skis, or hang socks from your pack.

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