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Pack Upgrades

3 great ways to store accessories, water, and food.

Granite Gear
Air Zipp Twists
$33 for two 9-liter pouches; 1.2 ounces.;

Marshmallow-light with water-resistant zippers, these rugged, colorful nylon storage sacks come in 5-, 9-, 14-, and 20-liter sizes to help you stay impeccably organized. A tad pricey.

Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir
$36; 3 liters; 10.3 oz.;

The rigid frame and stiff handle make loading it a snap. The bite valve has 360 degrees of mobility and a magnet that mates it to Osprey shoulder straps. Slightly heavy compared to other hydration bladders.
MHM Snack Stacker
$48; 1 lb. 9 oz.;
This insulated, structured foam cub (8" x 5" x 5") keeps food cold for several hours and includes an aluminum grill and plastic cutting board hidden in its bottom for meal prep. It’s weighty; leave behind the grill and cutting board to shave 8.6 ounces.

[Tech Talk]

Load Transfer A pack’s ability to shift weight to your hips is one of the keys to big-load comfort. Through framesheets and stays come in a myriad of configurations and combinations, they all have a common goal: lock onto and channel weight into the hipbelt, so the load doesn’t hang off of your shoulders. Hips are humans’ most efficient weight-bearing zone, so a close-wrapping hipbelt and a lumbar pad that sticks to the small of your back are critical.

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