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Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) - Fast-Track Roller

Price: $130.00
  • Weight: (lbs, oz) 8, 10
  • Year: 2011
  • Frame Type: internal
  • Load Type: panel-loading
  • Fixed Capacity (cubic inches): 3112
  • Sizes Available: 1
  • Smallest Size: 16
  • Features: Daypack conversion
  • Description:

    Existing model

  • Product Notes:

    Travelling can be enough of a mental and physical workout without having to heave your luggage around. To keep you going when you’re on the move, we’ve put a pair of smooth rolling wheels on the bottom of this panel loading bag.

    And, if the road less travelled leads to more rugged terrain, just pull out the hideaway shoulder straps and keep on trucking. As an added bonus, there is a fully functional removable daypack that attaches to the main bag. It has a zippered top pocket that’s perfect for sunglasses and other valuables.

    Please note: Check with your airline’s carry-on size restrictions to see if you will meet them when wearing the removable backpack and toting the main bag. If the daypack is fully loaded and attached to the main bag, it will likely be too large.

  • SKU: 5003-358
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