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December 2007

Make Your Gear Last Forever

Backpacker's Ultimate Fix-It Guide


Camelbak Cleaning Kit: Comes with two brushes, a drying hanger, and two non-chlorine tablets. $20,

Granger’s Fabric and Leather Waterproofing: Adds moisture repellency without changing the boot’s appearance, works on waterproof or non-waterproof surfaces. $8,

Granger’s Footwear Cleaner: Nontoxic, water-based gel that removes dirt more effectively than soap and does not harm leather or waterproof liners. $6

Granger’s G-Wash Cleaner Plus: Concentrated, biodegradable liquid is a good option for washing very dirty raingear. $9

Kenyon Nylon Repair Tape: Comes in 3"x18" rolls in a variety of colors. $3,

MSR Micromesh Maintenance Kit: Contains six adhesive-backed micro-mesh patches (2"x3"). Will stick to any tent mesh. $15,

MSR Fabric Maintenance Kit: Contains six adhesive-backed nylon patches (2"x3") for general fabric repair. $20

MSR Tent Maintenance Kit: Includes four adhesive mesh patches, six adhesive nylon patches, one side-release buckle with webbing and grommet, two #8 zipper sliders, and a 1-oz. tube of Seam Grip. $30

McNett Mirazyme: Biodegradable and hypoallergenic, this enzyme-based deodorizer eats bad smells without damaging fabric. $8,

McNett Gore-Tex Repair Kit: Contains two peel-and-stick patches made from Gore-Tex (round and rectangular). $7

McNett Seam Grip: Urethane formula seals tent seams, repairs rips, and sticks to anything except metal and ultralight, siliconized fabrics. $21.50

McNett SilNet: Ideal sealant for silicone-coated fabrics. $7

McNett Tenacious Tape: Easier to remove than duct tape, transparent, and leaves no gooey residue. Works on fabric and plastic surfaces. $3.50

McNett Tent Sure: Urethane sealant restores your floor’s waterproofing. $8.50

Mountain Hardwear Zipper Repair Clamp: Lightweight tool to replace worn sliders. Comes with two #5 and two #8 YKK sliders, instructions, and a practice zipper. $6,

Nikwax Aqueous Wax: Water-based treatment for waterproofing and conditioning full-grain leather or waterproof/breathable footwear without compromising breathability. $7.75,

Nikwax Down Wash: Detergent-free liquid that won’t reduce loft or strip natural down oils. $8.75

Nikwax UV Proof: Water-based spray that prevents sun damage while adding water repellency. $13.50

Don’t Forget the Duct Tape: Tips & Tricks for Repairing & Maintaining Outdoor & Travel Gear, by BACKPACKER Gear Editor Kristin Hostetter ($8,

Rainy Pass Repair
An authorized Gore-Tex shop specializing in backpacking and paddling gear, including tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, and technical apparel. Also offers laundering and loft restoration of sleeping bags.; (888) RIP-STOP

Dave Page, Cobbler
The authorized repair facility for most major North American boot manufacturers, Page specializes in resoling and/or rebuilding your favorite outdoor footwear–from mountaineering boots to sandals.; (800) 252-1229

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