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Gear Review: Lowe Alpine Travel Trekker Pro ND 60 Backpack

A convertible travel pack that can carry big loads.
august 2010 lowe alpine travel trekker 445x260Lowe Alpine Travel Trekker Pro ND 60 (Courtesy Photo)

Convertible travel packs promise versatility—from train-hopping to trekking—but most fall short when it comes to carrying big loads comfortably. Not this one. Though the entire suspension stashes under a zippered panel, it’s capable of handling up to 50-pound loads on easy terrain.

Other features balance trail and travel convenience: A removable raincover kept gear dry during a Laotian downpour, and handles made for easy grabbing in Italian train stations. Downsides: It’s heavy, and the mesh side pockets are too shallow for water bottles.
Best for
Globetrotters who spend equal amounts of time in the front- and backcountry

Tester Data
Berne Broudy (other tester: Will Chapman-Hale)
Duration Nov. to March
Locales/conditions Laos, Cayman Islands, Italy; rain, dust, and mud; 50°F to 90°F
“The main zipper runs the full perimeter of the pack for super-easy packing and access.”

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