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Gear Review: White Sierra Kalgoorlie Long Sleeve Shirt

This long-sleeve top with UPF 30 keeps you cool and burn free.
white sierra kalgoorie 445x260White Sierra Kalgoorlie (Courtesy Photo)

At high altitudes and on water—where intense UV rays make full coverage a smart, skin-saving solution—testers reached for the UPF 30 Kalgoorlie. This collared button-down shields your neck and arms from scorching sun, and the woven, 100-percent polyester fabric dries superfast. Plus, its light, airy feel made it a favorite for hot-weather hikes and paddling. Testers also issued props for the features: A hanging mesh liner across the upper back keeps the fabric from clinging to sweaty skin, two large chest pockets hold a passport and iPhone, and fabric tabs secure rolled-up sleeves.

Female testers, however, called the ladies’ version “frumpy” and preferred the Redington Marquesas Hoody ($60; 8 oz.; S-XL; This lightweight blend of 87 percent poly and 13 percent Lycra provides full sun coverage with go-anywhere styling. Thumbholes ensure hand protection, a hood shields the scalp and neck, and a high wrap collar delivers chest and neck coverage that doesn’t smother. $50; 7.8 oz. (m’s XL); M-XXL;

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