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Gear Review: Mountain Hardware Torsion Glove

Nimble gloves for cold weather hiking
Gear Guide 2010 ESS Mtn Hardware Torsion Glove 445x260Mountain Hardware Torsion Glove (Courtesy Photo)

For spring and fall hikes—or for summer in the Rockies, where even August mornings are chilly—pack Mountain Hardwear’s Torsion Glove. Its sleek, snug fit provides enough dexterity to unclip tent poles and operate a stove, and the leather palm grips well.

The water-resistant softshell fabric (a polyester/elastane blend) kept our tester’s digits warm through hours of hiking in November sleet. Bonus: It includes a nose-wipe patch on the back of the thumb and the entire index finger. $50; 3 oz. (m’s M);

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