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Fall/Winter Gear Guide 2011: Editors’ Picks

The editors of Backpacker and Climbing weigh in on their favorite pieces of gear and gadgets.
IonOrange_bjk445x260.jpgBlack Diamond Ion Headlamp (Courtesy Photo)

Editors’ Picks with Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Dorn
BACKPACKER’s Editor-in-Chief weighs in on his favorite products of 2011.

Editors’ Picks with Gear Editor Kristin Hostetter

Gear Editor Kristin Hostetter with her favorite gear picks for 2011.

Editors’ Picks with Climbing Editor-in-Chief Dougald MacDonald
Climbing’s Editor-in-Chief weighs in on his favorite cam.

Editors’ Picks with Senior Online Producer Katie Herrell
A cozy hat and a cozy jacket for our always-cold staffer.

Editors’ Picks with Associate Editor Kristy Holland

This editor likes her campsite to be well lit.

Editors’ Picks with Executive Editor Dennis Lewon

This no-nonsense editor needs gear that can go the distance.

Editors’ Picks with Associate Editor Kim Phillips

This associate map editor likes to stay well connected.

Editors’ Picks with Digital Editor Anthony Cerretani
Gadgets to help you lop off the miles.

Editors’ Picks with Senior Editor Shannon Davis
This hard-charging editor needs gear that can stand up to long, hard days.

Editors’ Picks with Map Editor Andrew Matranga

Gadgets and gear from our resident map editor.

Editors’ Picks with Climbing Gear Editor Julie Ellison

Climbing’s gear editor weighs in on her favorite harness and ice axe.

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