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BACKPACKER Editors’ Toughest Gear

Thirty indestructible gear picks from two decades of hardcore field-testing.
 tough gear april map and bora 445x260Davis w/ Trails Illustrated Map & the Arc'teryx Bora (Genny Fullerton)

Readers constantly ask us: “What’s the most durable gear you’ve used?” Here’s our answer: A collection of rugged favorites voted on by 12 editors with 170 total years of field-testing experience. In our hands, these products have weathered howling storms, arctic freezes, slot-canyon scrapes, bug infestations, battery acid, weeks without showers, salt-water submersion, high-altitude UV exposure, and Alaskan grizzlies. Most are still on the market—durability will do that—and you can find the rest on eBay or Craigslist. Trust us, it’s worth your time to search: In the long run, durability is lighter on your wallet—and the planet.

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