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Time-Tested Gear: Essentials

Apparel, cookware, stoves...swimsuits?
november 2010 essentials arcteryx beta theta 445x260 Main: Arctery'x Beta (Courtesy Photo) Inset: Theta (W.L. Gore & Associates)

Field Notes
“Take any new gear through a dry run before hitting the trail. And in the case of electronics, read (and maybe pack)the manual. On a trip in Utah’s San Rafael Swell, I was testing a SPOT when unfortunate events delayed my schedule. I hit the ‘I’m OK’ button, but failed to check whether I had acquired a satellite lock (I hadn’t). Bottom line: My wife freaked out and called in the local SAR team for an embarrassing ‘rescue.’”  —Jim Gorman, Senior Editor, 1994-1999

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