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Time-Tested Gear: Essentials

Apparel, cookware, stoves...swimsuits?
november 2010 essentials arcteryx beta theta 445x260 Main: Arctery'x Beta (Courtesy Photo) Inset: Theta (W.L. Gore & Associates)

Main: MSR XGK EX Stove Inset: Model G (Courtesy Photo)

Tried and True

We can’t say for sure exactly how many meals this stove has cooked for us over the decades, but 5,000 is a conservative estimate. MSR introduced the original Model G (inset) in 1973, and our early testers were thrilled to have a “hot, reliable, all-season stove” that sat low to the ground (rather than perched atop an integrated fuel tank, which elevates pots to a precarious position). Today’s XGK EX is still the go-to stove for big expeditions and winter travel. With a bit of practice, it can be dissected like an erector set to field-fix any problem. And the remote fuel bottle/pump system means you control the pressure inside the bottle, so you can achieve a steady, hot flame no matter what the altitude or temperature. $150; 13 oz. (without fuel bottle);

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