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Gear Review: Mountain Hardwear Cohesion Stretch Pant

Lightweight and durable shell pants.
GG11 Mountain Hardware Cohesion Pant 445x260Mountain Hardware Cohesion Stretch Pant (Courtesy Photo)

Lightweight yet durable, the Mountain Hardwear Cohesion Stretch Pant delivers first-rate performance at an affordable price. When winds pulsed to 25 mph in Utah’s Capitol Reef National Park, testers never felt the gusts, thanks to the tough, 40-denier nylon fabric (which also resisted abrasive sandstone).

The Cohesion shrugs off rain and snow just as easily. The ample stretch allows for unlimited mobility; testers high-stepped up slot canyons without feeling pinched. The Conduit DT (a waterproof/breathable membrane), combined with the ventilation from three-quarter-length side zips, kept testers from overheating during high-exertion climbs. The zips also make it easy to slide the Cohesion over boots. $125; 9 oz. (m’s M);
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