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February 2006

Cold-Weather Gear Review: 5 Winter Fixes

How to make your cold months warmer: boots, bags, jackets, backpacks, and booties for frosty weather

©Mitch Mandel

Sierra Designs WB Booties

The ultimate remedy for cold feet

Some match-ups seem so obvious–like pairing SD’s classic down bootie with DriZone, the waterproof/breathable fabric the company uses on some of its sleeping bags. But this is an unusually clever marriage of luxury and function. During trips in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains, my feet stayed toasty in temps down to 10°F, and the booties’ nubbed treads provided excellent traction on crusty snow around camp. One rub: While the ankle and collar drawcords snug the booties fairly tight, my feet slipped around a bit inside.

Price: $50

Sizes: men’s and women’s sizes

Weight: 16 oz. (pair)

Contact: (800) 635-0461;

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