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Gear Review: Mountain Hardware Boys’ Epic

An affordable kids' rain jacket that can handle serious weather
Gear Guide 2010 ESS Mtn Hardware Boys Epic 445x260Mountain Hardware Boys' Epic (Courtesy Photo)

Lots of kids’ gear we test is not only down-sized, it’s dumbed down. Because kids don’t need apparel that’s as functional as ours, right? Wrong. This streamlined Conduit shell not only keeps them bone dry in day-long deluges, it’s light, comfortable, and breathable, so they’ll actually enjoy the storm, rather than avoid it.

With a great fitting hood, adjustable cuffs, and a fit that allows for warm layers underneath, this shell has kept one 10-year-old tester dry for three straight seasons of use. And it’s still going strong, which is a good thing for his little brother. Also available in girls sizes and colors. $65; 10 oz. (M);

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