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A Day in the Jug up Salome Creek


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Distance: 5.4 miles

The Jug is a neat little canyon carved into granite by Salome Creek. This one is hardly a hike, it's much more of a swim. :) Be warned, you will either need to do a 40 foot rappel or you will need to do a 40 foot jump.
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After following a trail downhill for 2 miles you can start to see and hear some signs of water.  after another half mile, you enter the Jug.  The Jug is a somewhat shallow slot canyon carved into solid granite from years of running water provided by Salome Creek. 

As you enter the Jug, it will become immediately apparent that you are going to get a little wet.  Though many slot canyons can be navigated without getting soaked, the Jug is not one of them.  The very first pool we hit was a swimmer, and we were probably swimming for 50% of the trek.

As you travel down the Jug, you will see many beautiful sights, and if the water is flowing, like it was when we did this hike, then you will get to see many little water falls, and even a nice little rock slide.

As you near the end of the canyon, you will finally hit a spot that requires some technical skill (or some guts)  you reach a narrow 40 foot waterfall that goes straight down.  There are solid bolts to rappel from above the falls, and above a little ledge up and to the right of the falls.  When water levels are high it is dangerous to use the rappel point above the falls.  We did it both ways this time, and it was a little tough even with the small flow that we had today.  The rappel point beyond the falls is much better, but it's on a slant, so be careful not to slide off to the right.  If you do, you may end up in the waterfall afterall. :)  If you didn't bring climbing gear, you can always just jump from a ledge, but I'm not a jumper myself.  If you do, watch out for the shallow areas on both sides of the pool.


  • Make sure you bring a dry bag a dry bag will keep your electronics and food dry.  Also, fill it with air to help your pack (and you) float.
  • Wear Sticky Shoes shoes with a fresh soft rubber sole will go a long way in this canyon.  Wet slick granite can be very slippery.
  • Consider a Wet Suit I usually think wet suits are a little silly if your canyoneering in the summer, but it was chilly in the shade, and I was happy to have one this time.
  • Save Some Energy don't waste all your energy playing in the pools.  you still have a steep ascent out of the canyon to return to the trail head, and it was a little warm :)

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