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The Big Easy: Backpack Alaska

Plan your perfect Alaskan trip–from a budget-friendly weekend to an entry-level expedition–with field reports from Steve Howe.
march 2010 alaska flute glacier 445x260Flute Glacier (Michael DeYoung)

Backpackers regard Alaska the way surfers view Hawaii: Going there is a rite of passage. But too often, hikers think that the truly wild side of Alaska is accessible only to big spenders with heaps of experience and a bush plane. Wrong. Last summer, our team spent more than a month scouting trips. Result: 10 life-list adventures for every hiker and budget.*

*Total trip costs–after airfare, including ground transportation and food–start at just $200 per person for two hikers.

Find your perfect hike, view jaw-dropping photos, and watch videos of our editors on the scene in America’s wildest backcountry.

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