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Summit Fever: The Sierra Challenge

When 37 hardcore hikers set out to scale 10 of the Sierra's highest and remotest peaks in a single Herculean, 10-day, 154-mile push, it will be an all-pain, 54,000 feet of gain kind of adventure.

29) Crossing Tamarack Creek in search of the trail.
30) Fieberling, Grundy, and Jonathan Bourne, 55, cool off in Twin Lakes after climbing Tamarack Peak.
31) Jeff Moffat, 53, searches for the Birch Lake Trail on day nine. When in doubt, advises Burd, “keep moving uphill.” He should know. “I have a list of 6,000 California peaks I want to climb,” he says. “I’m at 2,000 so far.” Fittingly, during the Challenge he provides guidelines for everyone to increase each day’s summit tally by climbing nearby “bonus” peaks. Grundy tagged a total of 29 peaks over the 10-day event, earning the King of the Mountain title.
32) Near the end of a 20-mile day, Lincoln Bourne, 51, reaches welcome shade.

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