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Summit Fever: The Sierra Challenge

When 37 hardcore hikers set out to scale 10 of the Sierra's highest and remotest peaks in a single Herculean, 10-day, 154-mile push, it will be an all-pain, 54,000 feet of gain kind of adventure.

21) Sunrise over Kettle Peak on the way to Ehrnbeck; early starts are mandatory, since participants return to the trailhead after each peak and move on to the next day’s challenge, sleeping in campgrounds or hotels in between.
Jantz leads a 5 a.m. start.
The scree field on Buck Mountain slowed the ascent, but going down was really fast.
Burd, seen here on the way to Tamarack Peak, is the only hiker who has done the Sierra Challenge every year. He’s managed all 10 peaks seven times. Burd took home both the Yellow and Green Jerseys in 2011 (for 2012, he’s raising the age of the masters class to make himself ineligible). Three others—Tom Grundy, Adam Jantz, and Bill Peters, 38—summited all of the peaks as well. At 25, Jantz missed winning the White Jersey by one year (no one claimed it in 2011). Reports of times and climbs are on the honor system.

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