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Do It: Make the Most of Your Phone

Pick the right case to shield your device, never lose touch, boost your juice, and conserve battery power with these tips and tricks.
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Conserve Your Phone’s Battery Power

Shut off all unnecessary signals. Your phone will continuously try to connect to a cellular or data signal when you’re out of range, draining the battery fast. But be wary of airplane mode: On some Android phones, this shuts off the GPS signal. GPS Airtime (free; gpsairtime .com) helps overcome this.

Power down at night.

Don’t collect a battery-gulping tracklog on multiday trips. Disable the tracklog in your GPS app’s settings, and mark waypoints only at important spots. Or increase the spacing between breadcrumbs (from 10 feet to up to 1,000 feet) on the tracklog.Boost Your Juice

Revive dead batteries by harnessing the power of…

Solio’s Xcellerator + Hub package is a trail-worthy solar panel and external battery that charges both standard and Mac devices ($100; 9.5 oz.; Your gadget runs on AAs? Goal Zero’s Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit powers four rechargeable batteries ($120; 6.4 oz.; goalzero .com).

The PowerPot charges devices by converting heat to energy while you cook, then connecting to your device via USB cord. It works with any stove and 20 minutes of cooking fills your phone 30 percent. ($149; 1 lb. 2 oz.; thepowerpot .com)

The nPower Peg takes kinetic energy from your movement and stores it as a charge in a battery (a day of hiking yields a 20 percent charge for your phone). Stuck in camp? Shaking the peg for 10 minutes builds up enough juice to make a short call. ($200; 14 oz.; npowerpeg .com)

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