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Died and Gone to New Zealand

Hiker heaven, redefined, is a month-long hike/paddle/camp in Adventureland.

Hike to Aslan’s refuge on a picturesque sheep farm in the South Island’s most-overlooked national park.
Smack in the middle of the South Island is a vast, verdant upland whose crown jewel is a lightly visited preserve known as Arthur’s Pass National Park. The region teems with fluffy sheep that graze beneath mountain landscapes worthy of a Swiss postcard, and is split by the aptly named Great Alpine Highway. Midway along the highway is Flock Hill Lodge, a ranch so large its owners visit the back acres by ultralight helicopter. And threading across this working sheep station is one of our favorite South Island hikes. The 15-mile Narnia Track crosses tundra-like pastures ringed by snowcapped peaks, offering horizons you feel like you could hike towards forever and never quite reach. The rarely-hiked route also visits multiple filming locations from the C.S. Lewis classic The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. You’ll pass under Aslan’s Rock, detour into the valley where William rallied his troops against the White Witch, and cross a broad meadow where the production crew camped.

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Simply ask permission and get a map at the main lodge ( before hiking the track. Cost $

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