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365 Days of Adventure

Traverse the Yukon Territory's Tombstone Range, sea kayak Baja, trek Torres del Paine, Patagnoia–all in 2008. Plus, monthly adventures closer to home.



Banff Film Festival

Banff, AB

Watch Bighorns Butt Heads

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, CA

This is the largest state park in California, and while it’s mostly desert, there are 8,000-foot mountains, too. And here, mountains actually mean bighorns (borego is the Spanish name for bighorn). And with bighorns, this time of year means fighting over females. In summer, Coyote Creek is too damn hot–but in winter, you can follow it to find sheep.



Tramp in New Zealand

Mt. Aspiring National Park

Parts of this area get 200 inches of rain a year, but starting early in the Southern Hemisphere’s summer, the precip tapers off. Unfortunately, crowds increase: The most famous trail on the South Island, the 24-mile-long Routeburn Track–stunning scenery, blankets of buttercups–sees 10,000 trekkers a year. A better bet: the weeklong Five Pass loop, from the head of Lake Wakatipu through grassy river valleys and up over snowy saddles. Along the way, you’ll bump into maybe two Kiwis (and their bottle of whisky). Even better: The park is full of rustic huts. Best: You can get an all-you-can-stay hut pass for about 70 bucks (


Ring in 2009

Cape Mendocino, CA

This is the westernmost spot–and last sun-kissed coastline–in the continental U.S. The best camping is at 14-site Mattole Beach, 11 miles south. Settle in as the sun dips below the Pacific and closes the book on 2008 ($8; 707-825-2300).

Life List: Baja

Sea kayak the coast of Baja

Step 1: January

Las Lecciones Españolas

It’s already a week into 2008. You’re leaving for Baja in 119 days (and, if you’re doing Torres, 340). And you can’t live off Taco Bell spanglish. At least not where you’re going. ¿Entienda? Sign up for a local language course–or go DIY with a comprehensive audio class from (from $25).

Step 2: February

Build Paddling Strength

Start with 10 pushups a day, and build up to 50. Ask if your gym has a kayak erg–it’s like a rowing machine, but specific to paddling. (A rowing machine still works, as does an arm bike.) If you don’t train, says NOLS guru Heather Scurman, “you’re going to spend the first couple of days physically challenged.”

Step 3: April

Go to Sea-Kayak Boot Camp

Rescues and strokes. Reading wind and waves. Predicting tides. Open-water navigation. With Kayak Academy, you’ll learn your basics–all in the midst of Washington’s classic San Juan Islands ( Check for classes closer to home.

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