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Test Kitchen: Nuts

Protein-packed and calorie-dense, nuts are a classic backpackers' superfood. We taste-tested 96 spreads, mixes, and bars to bring you the healthiest (and tastiest) options for the trail.
BP0813_AssortedNuts_445x260.jpgTest Kitchen: Nuts (Photo by Ben Fullerton)

Choose Your Nuts

Calories/Protein/Fat* 155/5.2 g/12.4 g
High in Magnesium (for bone strength) and vitamin K (for normal blood clotting)
Add to Noodle stir-fry
Top Snack Sahale Snacks Southwest Cashews with Chili + Cheddar ($6;

Cal/Pro/Fat 159/5.8 g/13 g
High in Lutein (key for vision) and potassium
Add to Chili
Snack Setton Farms Pistachio Chewy Bites ($9;

Cal/Pro/Fat 161/7.3 g/14 g
High in Folate (prevents birth defects) and vitamin E for immune function
Add to Soup
Snack Snickers ($1;

Cal/Pro/Fat 163/6 g/14 g
High in Fiber, calcium, manganese, and vitamin E (more than any other nut)
Add to Tuna salad
Snack Lärabar Cherry Pie ($2;

Cal/Pro/Fat 175/6.8 g/16.7 g
High in Fiber and ALA, an omega-3 fatty acid key for brain function
Add to Oatmeal
Snack Clif Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Bar ($2;

Cal/Pro/Fat 179/3.7 g/17.8 g
High in Antioxidants and manganese (maintains blood sugar levels)
Add to Cookies
Snack Justin’s Natural Chocolate Hazelnut Butter ($1;

Brazil nuts
Cal/Pro/Fat 186/4.1 g/18.8 g
High in Selenium, (may protect against prostate cancer)
Add to Burgers
Snack Gone Nuts! Cacao Brazil Nuts, Mulberries, Hemp Seed, and Date Clusters ($5;

Pine nuts
Cal/Pro/Fat 191/3.9 g/19.4 g
High in Manganese and fatty acids
Add to Rice or quinoa
Snack Roast at home and add to your favorite trail mix blend.

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