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Trail Chef: Premium On-the-Go Fuel

Fill the tanks with these 5 new trail snacks.

Kashi Berry Blossoms
Cereal, no matter how much you love it, isn’t backcountry friendly. It usually gets pulverized into sawdust before you even reach the trailhead. But Jerry Seinfelds of the world (at least those who hike) can rejoice with Kashi’s Berry Blossoms. These whole-grain graham nuggets (what is it about graham that tastes so delicious?) are tossed in a pleasantly sweet fruit blend of strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. They have five grams of fiber, taste yummy, and—most importantly—are surprisingly compact and crush-resistant, making them perfect for either breakfast with powdered milk or as a crunchy addition to your trail mix. $3.59;

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