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Gear Review: Yummy Camp Snacks

Cheese spread, bars, drinks, trail mixes–there's more variety than ever in trail snacks.
gear guide essentials snacks 445x260PackIt Gourmet Cheese Spread (BP Photo Department)
Product Verdict
Honey Stinger Protein Bar ($2.39) “Like a Milky Way, but travels better, more filling, and more nutritious,” says a tester of the Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond. Each bar has 20g of easy-to-digest whey protein.
Justin’s Nut Butter ($1) Testers were unanimous. These single-serving packs are perfect trail snacks: more flavor and texture than regular peanut butter, and they’re way more versatile than a gel. Down ’em on the go, or spread ’em on tortillas in camp. Downside: Empty packets are messy.

Coleman Little Rock Trail Mix ($6)

Not all trail mixes are created equal. Our tasters loved the crunchy toasted almonds, tart cranberries, and no-melt chocolate “rocks” that set this blend apart. And the 8-ounce package is perfect for a weekend trip.
Enertia Snack This Veggie Medley ($2) “I try to snack every 15 minutes when I’m hiking a Fourteener,” says one tester, “and these dried vegetables are perfect. Flavorful but not overpowering, easy to digest, satisfyingly crunchy. Plus, I prefer eating veggies instead of jerky or processed bars.”

Packit Gourmet Cheddar Jack Cheese Spread ($8)

“Real cheese flavor, blended with spices, and veggies, make this spread way more appetizing than I expected,” says a tester whose family scarfed it in Rocky Mountain National Park. Bring your own crackers, tortilla, or extras to dip (pictured below). Prep: Just add cold water.
Bobo’s Oat Bars Peanut Butter ($2.49) This brownie-like bar was a favorite for grab-and-go breakfasts and dayhikes—but a bust for long treks (too crumbly). “It gave me a big boost during a two-hour trail run with 2,000 feet of climbing,” says one tester.

FRS Drink Powder
($20/box of 14)

Get an energy-boosting mix of antioxidants and vitamins in this refreshing (Lemon Lime) drink mix. Our tester felt a lift after long rides, even though it has so few calories.

PowerBar Pure & Simple Energy ($1)

Not too crumbly and insubstantial, like so many garden-variety granola bars. Perfect when you want a light snack—in between a meal bar and an energy gel. We liked the Roasted Peanut Butter. Sweet tooth? Get the Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie.
ProBar Fruition ($2.29) Cross organic fruit leather with a granola bar and you get this mash-up of dates, berries, oats, and chia seeds. “Moist and easy to chew,” says one tester, “and holds up well on the trail.” But these small, spendy bars are gone in three bites.
Bear Valley Pemmican Fruit ’N Nut Bar ($1.29) These all-natural bars pack 420 calories into a small, dense, 4-ounce brick, makinga them a favorite for expeditions, winter trips, and big miles—or anytime you need a low-bulk/high-energy bar. “Tastes like a healthy fruitcake,” says a fan. “Tastes like a dry fruitcake,” counters a critic.

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