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Big City Mountaineers needs a new Executive Director! Many of us here at Backpacker have raised money or volunteered as mentors with BCM, and we can tell you that this organization does amazing work to boost disadvantaged teens through outdoor learning. If you want to make a difference in the world, be a leader in the outdoor industry, and live in the Rockies this job may be for you! Send your cover letter and resume to:
Backpacker Magazine
We got this super-cool blowtorch from Snow Peak, but have no idea what to use it for in the backcountry (not for lack of trying). Help us with our fire test, give us your best/most creative ideas at the link below, and the torch could be yours. #trailchat
Backpacker Magazine
Are you ready to try off-trail hiking? See what happened when our novice scout gave it a go.
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Follow Peter Whittaker and BACKPACKER’s Jonathan Dorn on their family trek to Kilimanjaro and follow us to get the latest videos.

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