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Readers' Choice Award: Mountainsmith Haze 50 Backpack

A durable, ultralight pack that's affordable.

Readers' Choice Award: Gregory Maya 18 Backpack

This frameless little pack is a great all-arounder for bike commuting and dayhikes.

Editors' Choice Snow Award 2013: Outdoor Research Lodestar Gloves

Keep your hands warm and dry while working in any weather.

Editors' Choice Snow Award 2013: Mammut Alpine Rider Helmet

A helmet to handle both warm and cold weather conditions.

Gear Review: Big Agnes Shovelhead Puffy

A jacket that packs some serious heat without being a heavyweight.

Gear Review: Crux Plasma Puffy

A jacket built to bring the heat in any winter weather.

Gear Review: Voormi High-E Hoodie

A pullover made with Rocky Mountain wool to keep you warm.

Gear Review: Nemo Canon -40 Sleeping Bag

A bag built to wrap you in a world of warmth - sans sweat.

Gear Review: Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina 0 Sleeping Bag

A bag with down-like features for a fraction of the price.

Gear Review: Mountain Equipment Snowline SL Sleeping Bag

A lightweight bag built to battle cold temps.

Readers' Choice Awards - Your Gear Preferences!

Let your voice be heard! In our January 2014 issue, we will reveal the results of this short survey, designed to capture the personality, passion, and penchants of you...our amazing readers!

Heroes: Jason Stout, 42

He healed his grief on an outdoor journey - and now helps teens do the same.

Editors' Choice 2013 Gold Award: Snow Peak Titanium Double Wall 450 Mug

Drink from the sweetest camp cup on the planet.

Killer Trips: Wildlife

Our favorite high-risk, high-reward adventures in North America.

Survival Bootcamp

At the military's top-secret survival school, Air Force crews learn how to escape their worst-case scenario — shot down behind enemy lines. With the highest level of access ever granted to a journalist, our scout learns how to escape when Mother Nature is only one of your worries.

Navigation Webinar: FOR TESTING

Gear Review: Coleman Sportster II

This tank-tough stove is easy to use and boils water fast, even in below-freezing temps.

Test Kitchen: Coffee

We perked more than 100 caffeinated cups to find the best trail-brew technique. Here’s how to choose your method, gear, and grounds.

Gear Guide 2012: Primus Profile Duo Camp Stove

This two-burner camp stove is half grill, half cooktop.

Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Platypus PlatyPreserve Wine Storage Bottle

Enjoy a little Merlot at your favorite high lake

Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Optimus Crux Lite Canister Stove

Do not underestimate this tiny stove's competence!

Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Evernew Titanium Frying Pan

A sweet piece for the angler on your gift list

Gear Review: MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set

For large groups, this kitchen set will making cooking a snap

2011 Editors' Choice Snow Award: SOTO Muka Liquid Fuel Stove

A stove that combines the versatility, power, and cold-weather performance of liquid fuel with the ease of no-priming-required canisters.

Gear Review: Primus ExpressLander Liquid-Fuel Stove

A reliable, user-friendly cooker that's extremely lightweight for liquid fuel.

Gear Review: GSI Outdoors Collapsible Fairshare Mug

A utilitarian tumbler that shines in a big-group camp kitchen.

Gear Review: REI Campware Nonstick Cookset (Large)

The nesting 4.7- and 3.2-liter pots each come with frypan lids, plus there’s a pot gripper and a mesh storage sack.

Gear Review: REI TiWare Nonstick Cookset

This four-piece set has a nonstick silicone/ceramic coating.

Gear Review: GSI Crossover Kitchen Set

Everything you need to cook up a feast in the backcountry.

Gear Review: MSR Alpinist 2 Cookpot

A 2.4-liter hard anodized aluminum cookpot.

Gear Review: Jetboil Sumo Cookpot

A 1.8-liter aluminum cookpot.

Gear Review: Soto Muka Stove

A white gas stove that doesn't require priming.

Gear Review: Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Water Bottle

A double-wall insulated bottle that is amazingly effective for its weight.

Gear Review: Camp Cookware

We scrambled eggs, flipped pancakes, and scrubbed burnt-on crud to find the best pots and pans for every backcountry chef.

Gear Review: Vargo Titanium Pot Gripper

Grab any pot with this lightweight and sturdy pot gripper.

Gear Review: Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink

Wash dishes and haul water easily in the watertight nylon container.

Gear Review: REI Campware Silicone Spatula

Make pancakes in camp with this silicone spatula.

Gear Review: Pot Pal

An oven mitt, a dish towel, a food warmer - this cotton bag does it all.

Gear Review: MSR Universal Canister Stand

An easily packable pot stand that will end tipping.

Gear Review: To-Go Ware RePEat Bamboo Utensil Set

A bamboo utensil set that won't wreck nonstick coating.

Gear Review: Vargo Ti-Boiler Mug and Pan

A titanium mug and pot/lid set that is super durable and lightweight.

Gear Review: MSR Alpine 4 Pot Set

A stainless steel three-pot set that is bombproof.

Gear Review: Primus AluTech 1.4 Liter Pot

A triangular shaped pot that's easy to pour and balance on three-legged stoves.

Gear Review: Optimus Terra HE Cook Set

A versatile three-pot combo for the gourmet backcountry chef.

Gear Review: GSI Outdoors Halulite Microdualist Cookset

A two-person cookset that comes with a stuffsack for washing dishes.

Gear Review: GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Basecamper Medium Cookset

Ideal for family outings plus has everything but the kitchen sink

Time-Tested Gear: Essentials

Apparel, cookware, stoves...swimsuits?

Reader Rated

Extra gear reviews from our January 2011 Reader Test Team reports.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Jetboil GreenKit with Flash and CrunchIt

Update the kitchen of your favorite backpacker with this all-in-one set that cranks out hot drinks faster than a Starbucks barista.

Best Hikes Ever: Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, AK

Find deep solitude where the continent crashes into a frigid ocean.

Gear News: Hydro Flask Backcountry Beer Growler

Enjoy a cold beer mid-trip with this 64-ounce growler.

Fall/Winter Gear Guide 2010: Backcountry Kitchen Accessories

Everything you need to stay sated in the backcountry.

Gear Review: Jetboil Flash

No need for bulky equipment with this combo vessel.

Gear Review: GSI Outdoors Halulite Ketalist

With this outdoor kettle set, you'll have boiling water in no time.

Gear Review: MSR Flex Skillet

A home cooked meal no longer has to stay at home with this skillet.

Gear Review: Primus OmniFuel

Cook with just about any fuel with this versatile stove.

Gear Review: MSR Reactor 2.5 Pot

Boil water in minutes with this cookware.

BACKPACKER Editors' Choice 2007: MSR Reactor and Primus EtaPower

These cooking systems offer remarkable power, efficiency, and wind resistance to gourmet cooks and noodle boilers alike.

Gear Review: GSI Collapsible Fairshare Mug

A shape-shifting camp mug that does double-duty.

Hot Summer Camping Gear: As Seen on the Today Show

See what summer essentials Gear Editor Kristin Hostetter recently recommended on the Today Show.

Gear Review: Bamboo Mini Utensil Set

A fork, knife, and spoon for the green and ultralight crowd.

Toughest Gear: MSR Alpine Cookware and GSI Cascadian Bowls

Pots for the masses–and the ages.

BACKPACKER Editors' Toughest Gear

Thirty indestructible gear picks from two decades of hardcore field-testing.

Editors' Choice Gold Award: Evernew Titanium Non-Stick Cookware

Eat well and carry less with these perfect pots.

Gear Review: Sea to Summit X-Mug

A coffee cup that packs flat

Gear Review: Lunch

This sweet and savory sandwich is a staff favorite.

Gear Review: Starbucks VIA

The best instant coffee ever

Gear Review: EZ Grill

A disposable grill for backcountry feasts

Gear Review: Snowpeak's Titanium Flask

The finest flask for your finest single malts

Gear Review: Coleman's Dirt & Worms

Kids will love this dessert.

Gear Review: PackIt Gourmet Condiments

Dress up any meal with these condiments.

Gear Review: Optimus Terra HE

A great two-pot cookset

Gear Review: Evernew Aluminum Ceramic Non-Stick Deep Pots

A ceramic coated cook pot with a fry pan lid

Gear Review: GSI Outdoors Minimalist

The perfect solo cookset

Gear Review: GSI Outdoors Stemless Wine Glass

Quaff wine in backcountry style with this stemless glass.

Gear Chick Holiday Gift Picks: Stocking Stuffers

These gifts pack up so small, they're perfect for any stocking.

The Five-Star Camp Kitchen

Car camping? Here's the ultimate setup for any chef.

Gear Review: Lafuma Futura Clipper Chair

Kick back, throw your feet up and enjoy this super comfy camp lounger.

Gear Review: Lodge Logic Deep Dutch Oven

Cook almost anything in this burly outdoor oven.

Gear Review: REI Weekend Cooler

Keep your weekend fixings cool with this soft, spacious cooler.

Gear Review: GSI Infinity 4 Person Deluxe Tableset

This sturdy four-person mess kit boasts more than pretty colors.

Gear Review: Kelty Kitchen Sink

On dish duty? This portable basin makes scrubbing easy.

Fall/Winter Gear Guide 09: Kitchen Supplies

Found! A five-ounce sled that fits in your pack. Plus poles, sunscreen, and face masks that are winter ready.

Gear Review: Innate Kaze Mug

This Innate mug doubles as a thermos.

Gear Review: GSI Outdoors Compact Scraper

Make doing the dishes a snap with this easily packable GSI Outdoors scraper.

Gear Review: Stanley nineteen13 Flask

This 8-ounce flask is made of stainless steel.

Gear Review: Primus Eta CampLite Pot

The addition of heat exchanger fins helps this Primus pot boil fast, really fast.

The Kitchen Sink: Backcountry Cookware Reviews

Everything you need to eat well in the backcountry.

Gear Review: Light My Fire Spice Box

Keep your salt, pepper, and sugar in this rugged, ultralight case.

Gear Review: Sea to Summit AlphaLite Cutlery

Get these light knives, forks, and spoons without breaking the bank.

Gear Review: Sea to Summit Delta Insul-Mug

This pack-friendly mug keeps drinks hot and hands cool.

Gear Review: MSR Exo 2 System Cook Kit

This cook kit provides a light solution for two-person dinners in the backcountry.

Gear Review: GSI DukJug Bottle

This better bottle survives freezing temps, doesn't absorb food smells, and can take a beating.

Gear Review: Evernew Color Ceramic Non-Stick Deep Pots

Camp cooking and cleanup goes much faster with Evernew's ceramic-coated pots.

Special Survey: Best Cities to Raise an Outdoor Kid

Accessible national forests like the George Washington and Jefferson surround national park gems like Great Smoky and Shenandoah in a southern terrain that varies dramatically from Florida's Everglades to West Virginia's wilderness.

Hikes and Trips in all 50 States

Use our comprehensive state-specific pages to find hikes in your home state our a state you're planning on visiting.

Better to the Last Drop

A hiker cannot live on water alone. Next time out, try these coffee, tea, and wine updgrades.

No More Peaks in the Distance

Rising treeline threatens the Northeast's best views.

High Points: Ebright Azimuth, Delaware

True highpointers will find this peak.

Best Backpacking In Delaware

Our comprehensive guide to the best backpacking you can find in Delaware.

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