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Outdoor retailer

Would You Eat a Cricket Energy Bar?

Chapul's Cricket Energy Bars provide a surprisingly delicious burst of insect energy.

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2014: Daypacks

Sometimes, good things really do come in small packages. Here's a sneak peek at 5 new feature-rich, done-in-a-day packs.
By Trent Knoss

The 8 Coolest Things I Found at Outdoor Retailer

Our reader reporter rounds up her favorite new products from the show floor.
By Kimberly Greenhut

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2014: Footwear

Happy feet abound with 3 cutting-edge entries into the footwear market.
By Ian Bagley

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2014: Tech

With more and more readers taking gadgets into the backcountry, we hit the show floor and tracked down 4 cool pieces of trail tech. By Trent Knoss.

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2014: Pads and Bags

Sleep tight with new options in sleeping bags and pads that bring you all the warmth and comfort you need, but cheaper and lighter than ever before. Here are 5 picks for all types of campers.

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market: Ultralight Tents

With so many ultralight tent options out there, we wanted to know: which is the lightest of them all?
By John Amorosano.

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2014: Tent Topography

NEMO's innovative new tent mapping system could make finding the right shelter a whole lot easier. But will it catch on?

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2014: Tents!

"Livability" is this year's buzzword for tents. Some do it by cutting weight, others by making huge tents you can stand in. Our senior editor picked out his favorites.By Casey Lyons

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2014: Trail Clothes

A handful of bold new trail apparel styles headed to market in 2015. By Rachel Zurer

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2014: Shells

eVent membrane technology goes stretchy—and that's great news for the evolution of softshells.

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2014: SUP

Inflatable SUPs score high marks for packability, but as we found at Demo Day, rigid construction boards are poised to follow suit.

Meet Saveria Tilden

Saveria won a spot on our reader reporter team for the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market.

Meet Joel Nyquist

Joel won a spot on our reader reporter team for the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market.

Meet Kristin McLane

Kristin won a spot on our reader reporter team for the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market.

Meet Eric Hanson

Eric won a spot on our reader reporter team for the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market.

Meet the BACKPACKER Reader Reporter Team

Four lucky Backpacker readers scored a trip to the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, January 21-25, 2014. Meet the lucky reader reporters!

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013: Navigating the Latest In GPS

Reader Report Jon Bausman takes you inside the latest in GPS navigation at the Summer OR Show, whether you're a purist seeking an inexpensive option or a tech-lover searching for the newest gadget.

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013: High-Tech Tools

Backpacker Reader Reporter Whit Vogel digs up a few pint-size multitools, watches, and a headlamp that will turn heads.

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013: Hydration Big and Small

Reader Reporter Shey Kiester quenches her thirst for new H20 accessories.

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013: Oh I Would Walk 500 Miles...

Reader Reporter Evan Pederson searches for what's new below the knee.

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013: Action Accessories

Backpacker Reader Reporter Whit is on a mission to look for the wackiest accessories around.

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013: Heroes in a Hardshell

Reader Reporter Jon Bausman takes you inside the best ultralight, softshell, and technical hardshells for 2014.

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013: Adventure Wear for Adventure Women

Reader Reporter Shey Kiester shovels through duds for the best in women's digs.

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013: A Man's Vest Friend

Evan looks for stylish baselayers and functional vest that might take the place of an old favorite.

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013: The Perfect Pack

Reader Reporter Shey Kiester seeks out the most versatile and innovative daypacks and expedition bags.

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013: The Lighter Side of Tent City

Reader Reporter Jon Bausman finds that Tent City offers a field of tents for every adventurer.

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013: A Range of Stoves & Cook Sets

Reader Reporter Whit Vogel sparks up conversations about 2014 backcountry cooking products.

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013: Sleep On It

Reader Reporter Evan Pederson ignores the Salt Lake City heat and climbs into this season's new sleeping bags.

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013: Fly Fishing 101

Reader Reporter Whit Vogel seeks out a lesson in fly fishing and finds a few ladies to show her the ropes.

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013: Wacky and Wild Ways to Move at Demo Day

Reader Reporter Shey Kiester gets down and dirty testing out the latest and greatest modes of transport.

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013: What's SUP at the OR Show?

Jon Bausman takes you inside for a first-timer's perspective on stand-up paddleboarding (SUP).

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2013: Evan Hunts for Treasure

Magellan sponsors a geocaching treasure hunt and Evan searches for what's new at Day 0 of Outdoor Retailer.

Outdoor Retailer 2013: Boots on the Ground

Katy Welter searches out her favorite new footwear among hundreds of pairs on the OR Show floor.

Outdoor Retailer 2013: The Ideal Backcountry Ski Setup

Gerben Scherpbier is on a quest for the ultimate backcountry ski gear, and versatility is key.

Outdoor Retailer 2013: A Tester's Wishlist

Becca Stubbs explores the floor in search of the gear she'd most love to run through the wringer.

Outdoor Retailer 2013: Best in Snow...Gear

Snow is falling in the mountains around Salt Lake, so Dave Harding hits the floor with one thing in mind: ski accessories

Outdoor Retailer 2013: Foraging for Winter Cooking Gear

Katy Welter seeks out winter cooking gear and finds the latest innovations put to new use.

Outdoor Retailer 2013 for Under $35

Amid $900 jackets and $3,000 tents, Gerben Scherpbier finds new backpacking gear for under $35.

Outdoor Retailer 2013: Packing Up New Options

Becca Stubbs searches for this year's best haulers for around town and on the trail.

Outdoor Retailer 2013: Packs To Combat Zombies (And More)

Dave Harding tracked down more of the show's coolest new haulers, from ultralight ski packs to ones that'll help you prepare for the zombie apocalypse.

Outdoor Retailer 2013: The Hottest New Clothes

Gerben Scherpbier scours the show floor for the warmest winter layers from head to toe.... and then he throws axes.

Outdoor Retailer 2013: Charge!

More people are bringing electronics into the backcountry, and those devices need POWER. Dave Harding checks out some fun new ways to recharge.

Outdoor Retailer 2013: Things That Go Blink in the Night

Katy Welter covers electronics debuting at the OR Show.

Outdoor Retailer 2013: Hard Goods on a Big Floor!

Becca Stubbs is on a quest for the warmest of next year's sleeping bags, pads, and tents.

Outdoor Retailer 2013: Snow Running at the All Mountain Demo

Backpacker Reader Reporter Katy Welter gears up and tries out a new sport: snowshoe running.

Outdoor Retailer 2013: Let the Madness Begin!

Becca Stubbs tries sweet skis and some high-tech new safety gear at the Outdoor Retailer 2013 All Mountain Demo Day.

Outdoor Retailer 2013: May I Have Seconds Please?

Backpacker Reader Reporter Gerben Scherpbier just couldn't get enough of the gear at the 2012 OR Summer Market, so he's back for another go.

Outdoor Retailer 2013: Getting Ready with Ice Axes and Avocados

Backpacker Reader Reporter Becca Stubbs shares stories about her path into the outdoors and some unconventional gear use.

Outdoor Retailer 2013: All Tuned Up!

Our newest gear tester, Dave Harding, is packing his bags and waxing his skis in preparation for this winter's Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City.

Outdoor Retailer 2013: Appreciating Winter Gear Preshow

Backpacker Reader Reporter Katy Welter leaves oddly balmy Chicago for the Northeast's cold and snow, and gains a new appreciation for winter gear.

Outdoor Retailer 2013: Pro vs. Joe at the All Mountain Demo

Dave Harding reports on challenging big-mountain skier and professional guide Dean Cummings to a beacon search race.

Outdoor Retailer 2013: Hunting Grounds

At the All Mountain Demo, Gerben Scherpbier glimpses beacon search wonderland.

Outdoor Retailer Summer 2012 Recap Day 2

On day two of the Summer 2012 Outdoor Retailer show, our reader test team tackled ultralight, three-season hiking, and breathability.

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