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Go the Distance: Endurance Workout

Endurance coach and ultrarunner Travis Macy developed this plan to get you off the couch and into the biggest hiking weekend of your life in 90 days.

Go the Distance

Cover more ground--whether you're out for a day or a month--and you'll experience more of everything you came for. Here's how to squeeze the most miles out of the least amount of time--with advice from the endurance pros who do it better than anyone ever.

Go the Distance: Endurance Strategy

Combine your physical and mental training to hike farther than ever before.

Go the Distance: Mental Endurance

Get your head around the challenges of hiking hour after hour, day after day.

Go the Distance: Physical Endurance

Prepare your body for the rigors of hiking long distances.

Master Class: The Gym Free Fitness Plan

Use this no-cost, do-anywhere training program to enhance hiking strength and speed this spring.

Events Worth Training For

Want to set a big goal to give your training more focus and direction? Sign up for one of these mettle-testing trail events.

Fitness Excuse Busters

Mountain guide and author of Fit by Nature John D. Colver offers up these hints for staying motivated and fit no matter what your excuse.

Limit Pusher Skills

Always looking for a way to go farther and faster? Get ready with these tips to take your hiking to the next level.

Expert Panel: Instant Upgrades

Build Trail-worthy Ankle Strength

Four moves that'll help you make an injury-free transition to lightweight hiking shoes.

Expert Panel: Instant Upgrades

We asked a few of our favorite pros how to fix some common backcountry annoyances

Expert Panel: Instant Upgrades

Backpacking Fitness

Boost performance and be a better backpacker with these fitness- and strength-building moves from our experts.

Expert Panel: 11 Pro Tips

Pro Tips: Boost Performance, Planning, Safety, and More

Ultimate Adventure Handbook: Hike 30 Miles in a Day

See a week's worth of terrain on an epic dawn-to-dusk hike.

Ultimate Adventure Handbook

Tired of the same old weekend loops? Looking to create memories your grandkids will talk about? In this how-and-where guide, we serve up 15 extraordinary escapes that will shatter your expectations of "normal." From adventure moviemaking to canyoneering, we'll take you places you've never been—but will long to visit again soon.

Ski Strong: Stay Fueled

Conquer cold with proactive hydration and calorie-packed nutrition.

The Manual: Stay Healthy at Altitude

Play it safe against altitude sickness.

Yoga for Backpackers

Ease post-hike pain and prep muscles for the next day.

How to Walk

Yes, there's a better way to put one foot in front of the other. Improve your stride, trek farther, and end leg and back pain with our guide to the new science of healthy hiking.

Tough Guy Challenge: Call for Videos

Submit your video! Win a trip to Rainier and the title of America's Toughest Backpacker.

Tough Guy Challenge: Week 5

It's the final push. Complete the final week's challenge and get ready for next week's call to submit your video.

Rainier's Reigning Champ

George Dunn, co-owner of International Mountain Guides, recalls personal adventures and gives tips about climbing Mount Rainier.

Tough Guy Challenge Week 2

Build on week one's regimen by mastering even more survival and navigation skills and improving your overall fitness level.

Tough Guy Challenge Week 1

Rev up for the first week of our plan to make you the ultimate tough guy, or gal.

The Biggest Winner: Why Backpacking Burns Fat

Your body is an engine. It runs on a mix of carbohydrates, fats, and a very small amount of protein. And it's a finely tuned engine, using the best fuel for every need.

After Burn: Staying in Shape Off-Trail

How to keep off what you've hiked off.

Lighten Up: Losing Weight by Hiking

Make one simple resolution–to hike more –and we guarantee you'll lose that spare tire around the middle. Here's the proof, the plan, and the inspiration.

Winter Training

Get trail-fit now to make next summer your best hiking season yet.

How-To Slideshow: Adjust Your Trekking Poles For Varying Terrain

In this step-by-step guide, we'll show you the proper height of trekking poles for various types of terrain.

How to Do Everything - Banish Blisters, Build Lung Power, and More.

Hike farther, faster, and pain-free with these training tips and exercise.

How to Do Everything - Become a Mileage Monster

Hike farther, faster, and pain-free with these training tips and exercise.

Hiking Exercises: Beef Up Your Lower Back

Try this exercise to give your lower back the strength you need.

Hiking Exercises: Cure Outer-Knee Pain

Nothing's worse on the trail than knee pain. Prevent and cure it with this exercise.

Hiking Exercises: Get Explosive Strength

Tackle big miles with this essential exercise.

Hiking Exercises: Sculpt 3D Legs

Want legs that handle any terrain. This is the exercise.

Hiking Exercises: Iron Out Your Core

Get core strength with this key exercise.

Best of BACKPACKER: How to Do Everything

Climb higher, live longer, and eat better, o.k. be better, with these skills.

How to Do Everything - The Intrepid Explorer

Travel confidently across any type of landscape.

How to Do Everything - Become a Mileage Monster

Hike farther, faster, and pain-free with these training tips and exercise.

Camp Chef Makeover: 7-Eleven Shopper

Fast food leads to fast crashes trailside.

Recipe: Ginger Garlic Soba

Punch up boring noodles with ginger and garlic.

Camp Chef Makeover: Lady Blah-Blah

Break out of the boring one-pot routine.

The Manual: Plan an Expedition

Go big with these expedition trip planning tips.

Camp Chores: Doing Dishes

Just like at home, there's clean-up to do after every meal in the backcountry. Here's how to get your dishes clean.

Spring Training: Exercises for Strong Knees and Hamstrings

Want strong knees when hiking season starts? Work your hamstrings now.

The Basics of Backcountry Ski Touring

See more–and have more fun–this winter with these gear and technique trips.

Master the Steeps

You love mountains, but your legs don't. Here's how to fix four common problems caused by high-angle hiking.

Gear Review: Fischer BCX 6 Rugged Nordic Touring Boot

NNN-compatible with exceptional side-to-side stability.

Gear Review: Rottefella BC Magnum Rugged Nordic Touring Binding

These bindings are surprisingly sturdy, great for cruising on sturdy terrain.

Gear Review: Fischer Snowbound Rugged Nordic Touring Ski

This all-around Nordic ski both glides and grips for awesome touring.

Gear Review: Garmont Excursion Backcountry Touring Boot

This boot has the best of both worlds: The comfort of a Nordic boot, with the warmth of telemark boot.

Gear Review: Voile HD Mountaineer 3-Pin Backcountry Touring Binding

Simple and user-friendly, these Voile skis are also built to weather the abuse of varied terrains.

Gear Review: Karhu XCD Guide Backcountry Touring Ski

Ideal for turning and climbing on rugged backcountry day trips.

Gear Review: Dynafit Zzeus TF-X/Gaia Alpine Touring Boot

Stiff on the downhill, flexible when skinning up, this boot has it all.

Gear Review: G3 Onyx Alpine Touring Binding

Adjustable and easy to use, traveling through varied terrain is a breeze.

Gear Review: Black Diamond Justice Alpine Touring Ski

Whether it's touring, powder or inbounds, this ski does it all.

Gear Review: Black Diamond Push/Stiletto Telemark Ski Boot

The perfect blend of comfort and performance, this boot is great in all conditions.

Gear Review: Black Diamond 01 Telemark Bindings

Versatile and ready for anything, these bindings are super durable and won't ice up.

Gear Review: G3 Tonic/Zest Telemark Ski

Great for powder, but still handles the bumps like a pro, these skis are super smooth.

Gear Review: Saucony ProGrid Razor Trail Shoe

Built for nasty winter conditions, this midweight winter running shoe keeps your feet warm and well supported.

Build a Thru-Hiker Body at Home

Here's what 2,000-plus miles does to your system–and how to get the same results at home.

The Boy Scout Quiz

Could you earn a merit badge in wilderness travel? Better ace this test, taken straight from the Scouts' own backpacking manual.

Are You Smarter Than a Boy Scout?

Scoutmasters wrote the book on camping, and built an army of pack-toting teens. But do the troops truly rule when it comes to outdoor skills? We pitted three Scouts against three average readers to find out.

Eat Your Medicine: Natural Pain Relievers

Three pack-friendly snacks that soothe tired, overworked muscles.

Fitness Special—Hike Forever: The Exercises

Use these proven exercises to get in the best hiking shape of your life.

Fitness Special—Hike Forever: The Total Fitness Plan

Get trail-fit fast! This 4-week program was designed specifically for hikers by trainers Melissa Racouillat of San Francisco's Stone Clinic and Darren Flagg of Boulder's Animal Strength Human Performance Lab.

Fitness Special—Hike Forever: Age 65 & Up

Stay in shape with these workout tips, and advice from a fitness hero.

Fitness Special—Hike Forever: Age 50-65

Fight the sedentary lifestyle and get a move on with these exercised and essential skill.s

Fitness Special—Hike Forever: Age 35-50

Get ready for the long fitness haul with these skills, workouts, and essential info.

Fitness Special—Hike Forever: Age 18-35

Build your fitness foundation with this essential physiological info, tips on eating right and exercises for staying in prime hiking shape.

Hike Forever: Ultimate Hiking Workouts

The secret to long-term health and fitness? Reap backpacking's many benefits–a strong heart, lean muscle, superior endurance–through every stage of your life. Here's how.

Ridge Runner: An Interview with Glenn Dunmire

Undeterred by injuries that would cripple most men, a Colorado hiker nears the halfway point in a pioneering attempt to thru-hike the true crest of the Continental Divide.

Editors' Choice 2009: Gibbon Slacklines

Here's a cheap, crazy-fun way to build mountain skills.

Hike Forever

Train for the long haul with endurance tips from Climbing: Training for Peak Performance author Clyde Soles.

Travel Like a Pro: For the Extreme Traveler

Bound for one of the globe's most exotic locales? Thrive in any environment with these tips.

Travel Like a Pro: How to Stay Healthy

Tackle everything from jet lag to malaria (and those pesky mosquitoes) with our guide to staying healthy abroad.

Review: Adventure Medical Kits SmartTRAVEL First Aid Kit

From stings to dehydration, this fully-stocked kit has everything you'd need to handle a medical issue, even when overseas

The Winter Workout

Follow this winter workout and conquer the steeps come spring.

Where is the Spookiest Place to Hike?

How to Do Everything - First Aid & Health

Close a wound, remove a tick, prevent poison ivy rash, and more essential tips.

America's 10 Most Dangerous Hikes - Mt. Washington, NH

It'll blow you away

Custom Training: Exercises for Every Body Type

Get stronger and hike longer with a workout that matches your physique.

Trail-Specific Stretches

Stay fit and healthy with these static and dynamic stretches, and secrets from Yosemite National Park wilderness ranger Mark Fincher.

Tune Up: Improve Your Balance

Gymnasts can land backflips on balance beams four inches wide. Their secret: training barefoot.

No-Excuses Fitness Training Tips

Having trouble getting motivated? These soldiers toughen you up with their custom can't-quit tips.

I Climbed Los Angeles

One small step for our stair-obsessed man, one giant leap for fitness freaks everywhere.

Climb Higher

With the right preparation–and a little help from a half-dozen friends, two exotic techno-gadgets, and one very sweaty hypoxic chamber–can a sea-level-dwelling rookie climb the highest peak in Colorado?

Train Smarter

Get trail-fit in six weeks with this simple exercise plan.

Summer Fitness Special: Hike Stronger, Live Longer

Achieve peak performance on the trail with our complete guide to training and eating like a backpacker.

Keep Your Feet Happy

Long-distance runner Russell Secker feels your foot pain–and he knows how to get rid of it.

Survive This: Swarming Wasps

Forget all the rules about freezing or making yourself big. When faced with these angry beasts run for cover.

Tune Up: Protect Your Joints and Build Pivot Power

Get ready for spring with 3 joint-specific routines.

Fitness Advice from Top Outdoor Experts

For these three fitness gurus staying fit is a job requirement.

Your Weeklong Dream Trip

Your Next Big Peak

Your Longest Dayhike Ever

Next Level: The Rest Step

Learn the mountaineer's secret for hiking up steep, high-altitude terrain.

Survive This: Stuck on a Scree Slope

When you're slipping and sliding, don't let your partners help you. Learn how to climb yourself to safety.

Stretches for Hikers

Recover from high-mileage days with these before-and-after stretches.

Backpacking Basics

Take these 21 trail tips to heart, and you're virtually guaranteed a good hike.

How to Build Hiking Endurance

Four-Week Fitness Plan

Before you hit the trail, try thses exercises to build leg strength and stamina.

Get Trail-Fit Indoors

Get ready for hiking season in the off-season with this training plan developed by Runner's World contributor Budd Coates.

Why Backpackers Need to Eat Protein

Protein helps hikers regulate their metabolism, repair tired muscle, and boost their immune system.

The Workout: Hike Farther, Hike Stronger

Want legs that can tackle any climb, any heavy pack, any mileage? Well, don't work harder–work smarter. We grilled fitness experts and scoured the medical literature to uncover the latest, greatest strategies for building strength, endurance, speed, and flexibility.

Holistic First Aid

A naturopath's top 5 remedies for common backpacking injuries.

Find a Hiking Partner

Keen on birds, peak bagging, or wildflowers? Here's how to join hikers who share your passions.

Motivate With a Fitness Challenge

Whether it's a "Birthday Challenge" or a peak that needs climbing, choosing a specific fitness challenge will help you stay motivated to get out more.

How to Protect Your Heart While Hiking

Cardiac arrest is the number three killer in the outdoors&ndashlearn how to prevent, recognize, and treat trail-side heart issues.

Survive a Mangled Ankle

Help yourself hike out after an ankle injury

Physical Conditioning: Spring Training

30 days to a killer trail body with cardio and strength workouts for backpackers.

Get (Even More) Trail-Fit This Winter

4 indoor workouts that'll keep you outdoors-ready

Mountaineering Fitness: Climb Like Ed

Got summit fever? The sky's the limit with a fitness plan and climbing tips from world-class mountaineer Ed Viesturs.

Leg Exercises: Your Biggest Day Ever

Supercharge your legs with conditioning tips for monster hikes.

Fitness: Paddle Power

Conquer any current with these two simple strength conditioning exercises.

Secrets Of The Ultrafit: Heidi Wirtz

Get strong with yoga poses used by a world-class climber

Conditioning Your Abs: Strong To The Core

Haul hefty loads more easily by strengthening your midsection.

8 Weeks to Fitness for Any Hike

No gyms, no weights–and, with our easy-to-follow plan–no bonking on the trail.

Liquid Energy: Hydration Tips

Improve your performance with the right drinking strategy

Tune Up: Your First Adventure Race

Get ready for your first race with a fitness plan from a world champ

Endurance Tips: Hike Forever

Train for the long haul with endurance tips from Climbing: Training for Peak Performance author Clyde Soles.

Walk Faster: Interval Training

Pick up your hiking pace with these fitness tips

The Body Olympic: Fitness and Conditioning Tips

Meet these 6 Olympic hopefuls who will help you perform like a champion outdoors.

Backpacking Basics

Our 5-step guide to planning, gear, food, fitness, and essential skills

5 Easy Ways to Get Strong and Avoid Injuries

Strong legs, abs, back, and arms make hiking more enjoyable and helps prevent strains and sprains.

Mighty metabolism

Do backpackers have superfast metabolic rates?

Mars Vs. Venus

Who's better suited for backpacking--men or women?

The Hiker's Diet

Do hikers have special nutritional needs?

Bone Up With Backpacking

Does backpacking build up your bones?

Body Of A Backpacker

It's lean, it's mean, and it can last forever.

High-Altitude Blues

Why do we bonk at 14,000 feet?

Body Essentials

10 Ways Backpacking Changes Your Body

Under Strain

Is there a maximum weight you can safely haul?

Balancing Act

Secrets for staying on your feet from dancers, tightrope walkers, running backs, and more.

A Speedy Recovery

Sidelined by injury? Get back on the trail fast with this easy treatment plan.

Supercharge Your Legs

7 ways to kick your stride into overdrive

HIkers Strike a Yoga Pose

Want to develop legs of steel and the balance of a mountain goat? Try yoga.

Tips For Slow Hikers

Shortcuts that'll help you keep up with faster hikers.

Stay Warm In Winter

Winter warmth is easy with these tips from arctic explorers, cold-weather experts, and army docs.

Weak In The Knees

12 ways to get more miles out of your legs.

Good News For Sore Joints

Got a bum knee or ankle? Better treatments for post-hike joint pain are on the horizon.

Mind Over Mileage: Breathing Techniques For Hiking

Feeling pooped at the end of the day? Try these relaxation and breathing techniques to put more pep in your step.

Stride Right, Feel Better

Tips to improve your hiking stride.

Fight Fatigue With Food

Eat right and you'll hike stronger.

Make The Big Jump

Are you a dayhiker who's ready for an all-nighter? A weekender longing to try a 5-day trek? Or are you ready for a thru-hike? Regardless of your skill level, here's the information you'll need to go that extra mile.

Survival Of The Fittest

Wish you could leap tall mountains in a single bound? Here's an exercise program designed for backpackers.

Nutritional Yeast: What Is It?

Is this health-food-store item really needed in those recipes?

Too Cold For Comfort

How to improve your tolerance for cold and enhance your outdoor performance.

HIkers' Strong Shoulder Treatment

Sore shoulders after lugging a pack? Try this exercise remedy.

Knee Injuries: An Unexpected Twist

If you've had a knee injury, follow these exercises before you hit the trail again.

On-The-Trail Balance Drills

Shaky on logs or rocks? Try these exercises to steady your feet.

Foot Fitness

Stronger foot muscles can end ankle sprains and aching arches.

Stretching: Muscle Relaxers

Use these specific stretches to alleviate muscle pain.

Food To Fight The Bonk Factor

Choose your fuel wisely to keep your engine running strong.

A Few Ounces Of Prevention

The 25 often-overlooked ways to stay healthy and injury-free.

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