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Editors' Choice 2013 Gold Award: Snow Peak Titanium Double Wall 450 Mug

Drink from the sweetest camp cup on the planet.

Gear Review: Coleman Sportster II

This tank-tough stove is easy to use and boils water fast, even in below-freezing temps.

Test Kitchen: Coffee

We perked more than 100 caffeinated cups to find the best trail-brew technique. Here’s how to choose your method, gear, and grounds.

Gear Guide 2012: Primus Profile Duo Camp Stove

This two-burner camp stove is half grill, half cooktop.

Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Platypus PlatyPreserve Wine Storage Bottle

Enjoy a little Merlot at your favorite high lake

Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Optimus Crux Lite Canister Stove

Do not underestimate this tiny stove's competence!

Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Evernew Titanium Frying Pan

A sweet piece for the angler on your gift list

Gear Review: MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set

For large groups, this kitchen set will making cooking a snap

2011 Editors' Choice Snow Award: SOTO Muka Liquid Fuel Stove

A stove that combines the versatility, power, and cold-weather performance of liquid fuel with the ease of no-priming-required canisters.

Gear Review: Primus ExpressLander Liquid-Fuel Stove

A reliable, user-friendly cooker that's extremely lightweight for liquid fuel.

Gear Review: GSI Outdoors Collapsible Fairshare Mug

A utilitarian tumbler that shines in a big-group camp kitchen.

Gear Review: REI Campware Nonstick Cookset (Large)

The nesting 4.7- and 3.2-liter pots each come with frypan lids, plus there’s a pot gripper and a mesh storage sack.

Gear Review: REI TiWare Nonstick Cookset

This four-piece set has a nonstick silicone/ceramic coating.

Gear Review: GSI Crossover Kitchen Set

Everything you need to cook up a feast in the backcountry.

Gear Review: MSR Alpinist 2 Cookpot

A 2.4-liter hard anodized aluminum cookpot.

Gear Review: Jetboil Sumo Cookpot

A 1.8-liter aluminum cookpot.

Gear Review: Soto Muka Stove

A white gas stove that doesn't require priming.

Gear Review: Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Water Bottle

A double-wall insulated bottle that is amazingly effective for its weight.

Gear Review: Camp Cookware

We scrambled eggs, flipped pancakes, and scrubbed burnt-on crud to find the best pots and pans for every backcountry chef.

Gear Review: Vargo Titanium Pot Gripper

Grab any pot with this lightweight and sturdy pot gripper.

Gear Review: Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink

Wash dishes and haul water easily in the watertight nylon container.

Gear Review: REI Campware Silicone Spatula

Make pancakes in camp with this silicone spatula.

Gear Review: Pot Pal

An oven mitt, a dish towel, a food warmer - this cotton bag does it all.

Gear Review: MSR Universal Canister Stand

An easily packable pot stand that will end tipping.

Gear Review: To-Go Ware RePEat Bamboo Utensil Set

A bamboo utensil set that won't wreck nonstick coating.

Gear Review: Vargo Ti-Boiler Mug and Pan

A titanium mug and pot/lid set that is super durable and lightweight.

Gear Review: MSR Alpine 4 Pot Set

A stainless steel three-pot set that is bombproof.

Gear Review: Primus AluTech 1.4 Liter Pot

A triangular shaped pot that's easy to pour and balance on three-legged stoves.

Gear Review: Optimus Terra HE Cook Set

A versatile three-pot combo for the gourmet backcountry chef.

Gear Review: GSI Outdoors Halulite Microdualist Cookset

A two-person cookset that comes with a stuffsack for washing dishes.

Gear Review: GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Basecamper Medium Cookset

Ideal for family outings plus has everything but the kitchen sink

Time-Tested Gear: Essentials

Apparel, cookware, stoves...swimsuits?

Reader Rated

Extra gear reviews from our January 2011 Reader Test Team reports.

Holiday Gift Guide 2010: Jetboil GreenKit with Flash and CrunchIt

Update the kitchen of your favorite backpacker with this all-in-one set that cranks out hot drinks faster than a Starbucks barista.

Gear News: Hydro Flask Backcountry Beer Growler

Enjoy a cold beer mid-trip with this 64-ounce growler.

Fall/Winter Gear Guide 2010: Backcountry Kitchen Accessories

Everything you need to stay sated in the backcountry.

Gear Review: Jetboil Flash

No need for bulky equipment with this combo vessel.

Gear Review: GSI Outdoors Halulite Ketalist

With this outdoor kettle set, you'll have boiling water in no time.

Gear Review: MSR Flex Skillet

A home cooked meal no longer has to stay at home with this skillet.

Gear Review: Primus OmniFuel

Cook with just about any fuel with this versatile stove.

Gear Review: MSR Reactor 2.5 Pot

Boil water in minutes with this cookware.

BACKPACKER Editors' Choice 2007: MSR Reactor and Primus EtaPower

These cooking systems offer remarkable power, efficiency, and wind resistance to gourmet cooks and noodle boilers alike.

Gear Review: GSI Collapsible Fairshare Mug

A shape-shifting camp mug that does double-duty.

Hot Summer Camping Gear: As Seen on the Today Show

See what summer essentials Gear Editor Kristin Hostetter recently recommended on the Today Show.

Gear Review: Bamboo Mini Utensil Set

A fork, knife, and spoon for the green and ultralight crowd.

Toughest Gear: MSR Alpine Cookware and GSI Cascadian Bowls

Pots for the masses–and the ages.

BACKPACKER Editors' Toughest Gear

Thirty indestructible gear picks from two decades of hardcore field-testing.

Editors' Choice Gold Award: Evernew Titanium Non-Stick Cookware

Eat well and carry less with these perfect pots.

Gear Review: Sea to Summit X-Mug

A coffee cup that packs flat

Gear Review: Lunch

This sweet and savory sandwich is a staff favorite.

Gear Review: Starbucks VIA

The best instant coffee ever

Gear Review: EZ Grill

A disposable grill for backcountry feasts

Gear Review: Snowpeak's Titanium Flask

The finest flask for your finest single malts

Gear Review: Coleman's Dirt & Worms

Kids will love this dessert.

Gear Review: PackIt Gourmet Condiments

Dress up any meal with these condiments.

Gear Review: Optimus Terra HE

A great two-pot cookset

Gear Review: Evernew Aluminum Ceramic Non-Stick Deep Pots

A ceramic coated cook pot with a fry pan lid

Gear Review: GSI Outdoors Minimalist

The perfect solo cookset

Gear Review: GSI Outdoors Stemless Wine Glass

Quaff wine in backcountry style with this stemless glass.

Gear Chick Holiday Gift Picks: Stocking Stuffers

These gifts pack up so small, they're perfect for any stocking.

The Five-Star Camp Kitchen

Car camping? Here's the ultimate setup for any chef.

Gear Review: Lafuma Futura Clipper Chair

Kick back, throw your feet up and enjoy this super comfy camp lounger.

Gear Review: Lodge Logic Deep Dutch Oven

Cook almost anything in this burly outdoor oven.

Gear Review: REI Weekend Cooler

Keep your weekend fixings cool with this soft, spacious cooler.

Gear Review: GSI Infinity 4 Person Deluxe Tableset

This sturdy four-person mess kit boasts more than pretty colors.

Gear Review: Kelty Kitchen Sink

On dish duty? This portable basin makes scrubbing easy.

Fall/Winter Gear Guide 09: Kitchen Supplies

Found! A five-ounce sled that fits in your pack. Plus poles, sunscreen, and face masks that are winter ready.

Gear Review: Innate Kaze Mug

This Innate mug doubles as a thermos.

Gear Review: GSI Outdoors Compact Scraper

Make doing the dishes a snap with this easily packable GSI Outdoors scraper.

Gear Review: Stanley nineteen13 Flask

This 8-ounce flask is made of stainless steel.

Gear Review: Primus Eta CampLite Pot

The addition of heat exchanger fins helps this Primus pot boil fast, really fast.

The Kitchen Sink: Backcountry Cookware Reviews

Everything you need to eat well in the backcountry.

Gear Review: Light My Fire Spice Box

Keep your salt, pepper, and sugar in this rugged, ultralight case.

Gear Review: Sea to Summit AlphaLite Cutlery

Get these light knives, forks, and spoons without breaking the bank.

Gear Review: Sea to Summit Delta Insul-Mug

This pack-friendly mug keeps drinks hot and hands cool.

Gear Review: MSR Exo 2 System Cook Kit

This cook kit provides a light solution for two-person dinners in the backcountry.

Gear Review: GSI DukJug Bottle

This better bottle survives freezing temps, doesn't absorb food smells, and can take a beating.

Gear Review: Evernew Color Ceramic Non-Stick Deep Pots

Camp cooking and cleanup goes much faster with Evernew's ceramic-coated pots.

Better to the Last Drop

A hiker cannot live on water alone. Next time out, try these coffee, tea, and wine updgrades.

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