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Gear Review: MSR Reactor 1.0 Stove

An integrated burner, pot, and heat exchanger sized for solo hikers.

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Snow Peak Starter Kit

A dining kit made for ultralight soloists.

Gear: Car Camping

Ultra Luxe
Load the trunk this Labor Day with weight-is-no-object comfort gear.

Gear Review: Primus FireHole 300

A souped up camp kitchen

Gear Review: Coleman Sportster II

This tank-tough stove is easy to use and boils water fast, even in below-freezing temps.

Gear Review: MSR WindPro II Stove

A stable canister stove

Fall/Winter Gear Guide 2011: Kitchen Gear

Two stoves, a deluxe kitchen set, and a bunch of pots and pans.

Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Optimus Crux Lite Canister Stove

Do not underestimate this tiny stove's competence!

2011 Editors' Choice Snow Award: SOTO Muka Liquid Fuel Stove

A stove that combines the versatility, power, and cold-weather performance of liquid fuel with the ease of no-priming-required canisters.

2011 Editors' Choice Snow Award: Soto Muka Stove

A stove that combines the versatility, power, and cold-weather performance of liquid fuel with the ease of no-priming-required canisters.

Gear Review: Primus ExpressLander Liquid-Fuel Stove

A reliable, user-friendly cooker that's extremely lightweight for liquid fuel.

Gear Review: Jetboil Sol Ti Premium Cooking System

Jetboil’s Personal Cooking System (PCS) is fast, fuel-efficient, and foolproof, and this new titanium version is barely half the weight.

Summer Camping Secrets: At the Stove

Bake without an oven! Build your own spice kit! A DIY guide to dining while summer camping.

Gear Guide 2011: Essentials

Welcome to accessory and apparel heaven: puffy jackets, stoves, windpants, knives, iPad apps, solar panels, GPS, hydration, first aid, socks, camp food, baselayers, and more.

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Optimus Terra HE Cook Set

A gourmet cook set for fancy feasts

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System

Smaller, lighter, and even better performing than the original

Gear Review: Jetboil Crunchit

Easily puncture and crush spent fuel cans with this handy tool.

Gear Review: GSI Crossover Kitchen Set

Everything you need to cook up a feast in the backcountry.

Gear Review: MSR Alpinist 2 Cookpot

A 2.4-liter hard anodized aluminum cookpot.

Gear Review: Jetboil Sumo Cookpot

A 1.8-liter aluminum cookpot.

Gear Review: Soto Muka Stove

A white gas stove that doesn't require priming.

Gear Review: MSR Universal Canister Stand

An easily packable pot stand that will end tipping.

Gear Review: Primus Eta Solo Stove

Complete kitchen in an easy to pack compact package

Stove Buying Guide

What’s your cooking style? In this guide, gear editor Kristin Hostetter walks you though all the camp stoves options, so you can pick the type that best matches your needs.

Time-Tested Gear: Essentials

Apparel, cookware, stoves...swimsuits?

Gear Review: Snow Peak Crab LI Stove

A sturdy stove with claw-like appendages that grab most surfaces.

Fall/Winter Gear Guide 2010: Backcountry Kitchen Accessories

Everything you need to stay sated in the backcountry.

BACKPACKER Editors' Choice 2007: MSR Reactor and Primus EtaPower

These cooking systems offer remarkable power, efficiency, and wind resistance to gourmet cooks and noodle boilers alike.

My Toughest Gear: MSR PocketRocket

Online gear tester Will Rochfort weighs in on his toughest piece of backpacking gear to date–and how it has impressed the ladies.

Gear Review: Monatauk Gnat Stove

This 1.6 oz. canister stove has our tester neglecting his regular go-to stove.

Toughest Gear: MSR XGK-EX Stove

A masterpiece of no-compromise indestructibility.

BACKPACKER Editors' Toughest Gear

Thirty indestructible gear picks from two decades of hardcore field-testing.

Gear Review: Soto OD-1R Micro Regulator

Finally, a canister stove that thrives in cold weather.

Gear Review: Primus Express Spider

With a low center of gravity and a wide, stable burner, this stove is perfect for big groups or melting piles of snow.

Gear Review: JetBoil Flash

With great fuel efficiency, quick boil times, and a small packed size, this stove is ideal for campers who need hot water fast, without the fuss.

Editors' Choice 2010: Soto OD-1R Micro Regulator Stove

Gear Review: EZ Grill

A disposable grill for backcountry feasts

Gear Review: Optimus Terra HE

A great two-pot cookset

Gear Review: Evernew Aluminum Ceramic Non-Stick Deep Pots

A ceramic coated cook pot with a fry pan lid

The Five-Star Camp Kitchen

Car camping? Here's the ultimate setup for any chef.

Gear Review: Lafuma Futura Clipper Chair

Kick back, throw your feet up and enjoy this super comfy camp lounger.

Gear Review: Lodge Logic Deep Dutch Oven

Cook almost anything in this burly outdoor oven.

Gear Review: REI Weekend Cooler

Keep your weekend fixings cool with this soft, spacious cooler.

Gear Review: GSI Infinity 4 Person Deluxe Tableset

This sturdy four-person mess kit boasts more than pretty colors.

Gear Review: Kelty Kitchen Sink

On dish duty? This portable basin makes scrubbing easy.

Gear Review: Coleman Fold N Go Grill

Interchangeable cooking surfaces make this compact stove a cook's backcountry dream

Gear School: Liquid Fuel Stoves

These workhorse cookers are ideal for long expeditions, cold weather, and foreign adventures.

Canned Heat: Stove Reviews

Tiny. Featherweight. Simple. Affordable. From the windy peaks of Colorado's Rockies to the icy summits of New Hampshire's Presidentials, these canister stoves kept us fat and happy.

The Kitchen Sink: Backcountry Cookware Reviews

Everything you need to eat well in the backcountry.

Gear Review: Evernew Color Ceramic Non-Stick Deep Pots

Camp cooking and cleanup goes much faster with Evernew's ceramic-coated pots.

Gear Review: Soto Micro Regulator Stove

This stove comes tailor-made for winter campers and high-altitude mountaineers.

Gear Review: Brunton Raptor Stove

Few stoves are tougher or more stable than the Brunton Raptor.

MSR Pocketrocket Stove Review

This tiny, fast stove performs great in poor weather.

Gear Review: Optimus Crux Lite Stove

The Optimus Crux Lite is meant for backcountry foodies who need precise cooking control.

Gear Review: Primus Express Stove

If you need speed, this boil-test champ is your stove of choice.

Gear Review: Snow Peak LiteMax Stove

Extremely lightweight and versatile, this stove can handle just about anything.

Gear School 2009: Essentials

From sleeping pads to trekking poles, we'll have you good to go in no time.

Get This Gear: Essentials From A to Z

We tested more than 500 products–stoves, clothes, cameras, filters, tech tools, knives, and meals–to find these proven performers.

Travel Like a Pro: Tips for En Route

Leave that fuel canister at home, and other tips to consider when you're packing for your international adventure.

Trip Doctor: Rent Gear for Newbies?

I'm organizing my first group trip. Can I rent gear for newbies who may not be ready to buy?

How to Do Everything - Cooking

Eat like a pro with our recipes for every course.

How to Do Everything - Gear

Patch a tent hole, layer for extreme conditions, clean your stove, make an old bag warmer, and more.

Stoves on a Plane

Air travel advice from an FAA expert

March 2008 Essentials Review: Camp Kitchen

Packs, tents, boots, and bags--that's easy. Now comes the hard part: Everything else. Below, you'll find our top picks for all the lust-worthy backcountry essentials you'll need to make your trip safe, fun, and simple.

Backpacker Gear Guide: Essentials

Packs, tents, boots, and bags–that's easy. Now comes the hard part: Everything else. Below, you'll find our top picks for all the lust-worthy backcountry essentials you'll need to make your trip safe, fun, and simple.

Trail Food: 3 Edible Nuts

You're lost, hungry, and starting to shiver: Time to play squirrel.

Packing List: Kitchen Kit

When cooking in the backcountry, don't leave home without...

Dinner Camping Recipes

Restaurant-quality dining on the trail. Choose from Mushroom and Tomato Orzo with Pesto or Chicken Posole Wraps for your next campfire dinner.

Appetizer Camping Recipes

Unwind after a long hike chilé fondue, French bread bruchetta, or an Asian peanut dip

Breakfast Camping Recipes

Spice up your oatmeal with lemony blueberry sauce. Or go for camp-side blueberry pancakes--topped by more blueberry sauce.

Weekend Menu: Campsite Gourmet

From cashew-ginger chicken to fruited scones, tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for the trail and the campsite.

Day Hike Menu: Ultralight

What to eat when you're one person spending one day on the trail and looking to travel light

Gear Checklists and Shopping Guides

Make sure you don't forget a thing with our comprehensive gear checklists for pretty much any trip occasion. Plus, learn how to pick the perfect piece of gear.

Regional Trail Recipes

Four trailworthy variations on favorite regional recipes

Flavor In a Flash: Ultralight Spice Kit

Enhance bland backpacking food with an ultralight spice kit including everything from curry to soy sauce.

The Essential Weekend Backpacking Menu

Banish blah food with this 3-day guide to quick, delicious meals.

Post-Hike Beverages: Hot Trail Toddies

4 steamy drinks to spice up your after-dinner stargazing

How to Keep Your Food Warm In Camp

3 simple heat shields to keep your meals toasty in the backcountry

How to Recycle Spent Fuel Canisters

Different cities have different rules for recycling your used fuel canisters

The Menu: Be an Ultralight Gourmet

No, it's not an oxymoron. You, too, can say buh-bye to endless energy bars and instant rice glop--and eat like royalty for less than two pounds a day.

Stove Review: Vargo Jet-ti

A compact, superlight canister stove to call your own.

Stove Review: Jetboil GCS

A revolutionary stove-and-pot set that'll cramp your prep time with super-fast boils.

Hot, Light, And Cheap: Homemade Camp Stove Contest Winners

The best ultralight cookers built by BACKPACKER readers.

Swallowing Camp Stove Fuel

How to treat yourself if you gulp down stove fuel in camp.

Field Fix: Clear Your Stove's Fuel Jets

Got a clogged stove? Try this cleaning method before eating that camping meal cold.

Buying A Better Stove

After a long, hard day, nothing is more disappointing than a stove that refuses to fire. Follow these 10 essentials for foolproof stove features and techniques.

Gear Rx: Stoves And Water Filters

See if your stove or water filter is safe to repair.

Homemade Stove Platforms

Or anything else, for that matter, once you use this easy-to-make stove platform.

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