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Bourbon Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is the ultimate way to end your day, or start it. Recipe by Jennifer Bowen

Omelette In A Bag

Forget special pans and scrubbing off egg residue; get your breakfast fix with none of the mess with this easy method. Photos by Julia Schweitzer

Trail Chef: Tapas

Small plates, big flavors—no stove required.
Recipes by Jennifer Bowen
Photos by Julia Schweitzer

Trail Chef: Super-Pumped Peanut Butter N' Jelly Cereal

Treat yourself to kid-style cereal in this blend that'll actually get you through a grownup day. Photos by Julia Schweitzer

Coconut Cream Chia Pudding

A delectable dessert that you can make without a stove. Recipe by Jennifer Bowen

Quinoa Cobb Salad Recipe

Classic Cobb salad relies on a bed of crisp greens, while the trail version uses hearty quinoa. This meal is great after a long hike because it is so filling and nourishing. Recipe by Jennifer Bowen

All-Out No-Cook Nachos

The classic appetizer becomes a satisfying trail meal. Recipe by Jennifer Bowen

Easy-Bake Backcountry Cinnamon Rolls

Who doesn't love cinnamon rolls? Take this classic dessert from the bakery to the backcountry with our easy-to-follow recipe. Photos by Tiffany Herring

Recipe: Simple Slaw

Add a bit of fresh flair to your camp meals with this healthy side. It pairs perfectly with our Impossibly Easy Barbecue Chicken Sliders for a camp picnic. [Step-by-step slideshow]

Recipe: Impossibly Easy Barbecue Chicken Sliders

These juicy, saucy, super-simple mini sandwiches bring hearty home cooking to camp. Pair them with our Simple Slaw for the perfect backcountry meal. [Step-by-step slideshow]

BACKPACKER Trail Chef Skills & Recipe Center

Chef Jennifer Bowen spent nine seasons as a cook for trail crews in Yosemite National Park and other Sierra hot spots. Now she brings her mad skills to us as BACKPACKER's Trail Chef. Got a question for her? Email

Recipe: Backcountry Poached Eggs

Elevate your morning with this surprisingly easy technique. Click here for a step-by-step slideshow.

Recipe: Easy No-Bake Cheesecake Sandwiches

"This decadent, creamy dessert was born out of an addiction," says our Trail Chef. "I couldn't bear a backpacking trip without cheesecake." This crowd-pleaser requires no cooking and is super-easy to make. Click here to see a step-by-step slideshow.

Easy-as-Pie Backcountry Chocolate

Need some inspiration for killing a serious backcountry chocolate craving? Look no farther, you've clicked into a chocoholic's dream.

Backcountry Chocolate Recipes

Need to kill your chocolate craving? Use these recipes to get your chocolate fix in the backcountry.

Cooking Backcountry Eggs

Don't be afraid of cooking this superfood in the backcountry.

Camp Friendly Cheese

Jimmy Kennedy of Cabot Cheese shares four scrumptious camp-friendly, cheese-centric delicacies that will surely satisfy. Plus: Watch our how-to video about making a cheese wax candle.

Recipes: Cooking with Salami

Try these camp-friendly breakfast recipes using summer sausage and salami. They're delicious ways to add protein to your trail menu--and finish an opened serving of sausage before it begins to spoil.

Recipe: Quinoa Taco Salad

Gourmet Southwestern salad, perfect for that light afternoon meal.

Recipe: Black Bean Tortilla Casserole

Super quick and full of flavor. Perfect for a fast and easy meal.

Dirtbag/Gourmet: Savory Southwest

Black beans and a heaping dose of flavor make for tasty, fiber- and protein-rich meals

Ultimate Adventure Handbook: Become a Backcountry Batali

Serve a 5-star meal that matches the scenery.

Ultimate Adventure Handbook

Tired of the same old weekend loops? Looking to create memories your grandkids will talk about? In this how-and-where guide, we serve up 15 extraordinary escapes that will shatter your expectations of "normal." From adventure moviemaking to canyoneering, we'll take you places you've never been—but will long to visit again soon.

Recipe Upgrades

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even desert recipes that are easy and tasty campground meals.

Recipe: Five Ponds Fajitas

Grab some dehydrated veggies, a little salsa, and some beef jerky for these tasty Fajitas.

Backcountry Cooking Tips

Three backcountry cooking tips that will guarantee easy and tasty meals

Recipe: Mud, Dirt, and Worms

Your favorite desert as a kid goes trail-side.

Recipe: Mom's Carlsbad Spread

Recipe: Shredded Rice Salad

Some quick-cooking rice and a handful of vegetables makes this a healthy trail lunch.

Recipe: Mexican Chili Mac 'n' Queso

A bit of frozen chorizo extends your backcountry options.

Recipe: Backcountry Pizza

If you're camping with kids, this pizza is a must make.

Recipe: Cashew Beef Curry

Boil-in-the-bag rice and beef jerky make this recipe a snap.

Recipe: American Chop Suey

Make a double batch of this at home. Have it for dinner with your family then dehydrate half for your next few backpacking trips.

Two Ultralight Dinners: Beef Stroganoff & Spicy Curry Noodle Bowl

Pack light and eat well with these two dinner options.

Recipe: Sweet Rice Pudding

Brown rice becomes a yummy desert with this easy recipe.

Recipe: Oatmeal You'll Never Get Sick Of

Think apple pie and lime cranberry flavors!

Dirtbag/Gourmet: Fall Desserts

Enjoy comfort sweets that complement any autumn campfire meal.

Recipe: Butternut Squash and Honey Apple Cakes

Get a hearty dose of fruit and vegetables right on the trail.

Recipe: Insta-Pumpkin Pie

Bring a little Thanksgiving right to the trail with this easy backcountry pie recipe.

Dirtbag/Gourmet: Thai Food

Pack your collapsible chopsticks and dig into this delicious Asian cuisine.

Recipe: Trailside Summer Rolls with Tangy Satay Sauce

Get a dose of veggies on the trail with these DIY summer rolls.

Recipe: Spicy Peanut Noodles

Protein-rich and flavor-packed noodles for the trail.

Recipe: Fruit and Nut Quinoa

Gourmet breakfast served in your sleeping bag

Recipe: Power Oatmeal

Traditional oats with energy-packed surprises

Dirtbag/Gourmet: Stew Recipes

Warm your belly with these hearty dishes.

Recipe: Farmer's Mash

For a hearty vegetable stew, make this easy Farmer's Mash recipe in less than 10 minutes.

Recipe: Chicken Pot Pie

This gourmet chicken pot pie is an easy recipe for a warm and filling backcountry dinner.

Trail Chef: Blue Cheese-Stuffed Dates

Power up the trail with these healthy energy bombs.

Trail Chef: Backcountry Easter Eggs

Make hard-boiled eggs without even boiling water. Plus: Why a marshmallow Peep has never climbed Everest

Trail Chef: Double-Lemon Bars

When life hands you a lemon, make lemon bars, then go hiking.

Trail Chef: No-Cook Oatmeal

Everyone's favorite breakfast staple doesn't necessarily require a stove.

Trail Chef: Chefs Mike Faverman and Pat Mac's Mouthwatering Dill Salmon

We review their new recipe book Ultimate Camp Cooking. Plus: their easy-cook Dill Salmon recipe.

Trail Chef: Irish Potato Candy

Lads and lasses, stuff your gobs with these tasty treats.

Dan's Wild Berry Trout Recipe

Dress up your fresh caught trout with this delicious wild berry compote.

Trail Chef: Tomato Pasta with Spinach-Cheese Sauce

New research shows spinach makes your muscles work more efficiently, so power up with this savory dish.

Dirtbag Recipe: Tuna with Olives and Capers

Try this quick and easy fish recipe.

Gourmet Recipe: Grilled King Salmon with Porcini Mushrooms

Take your fire-side fish skills to the next level with this savory salmon recipe.

Dirtbag to Gourmet: Fish Recipes

Dig into a backcountry fish feast with these easy-prep, sure-to-wow dishes.

Backcountry Bartender: Valentine's Day Cranberry Passion Cocktail

Spoil your love in the backcountry with this fruit-forward winter cocktail.

Backcountry Bartender: Tequila Review

Say goodbye to Jose and say hello to these tasty tequilas you won't want to miss.

Trail Chef: A Brave New S'more

Switch things up with these twists on the classic treat.

Trail Chef: High Country Poppy Seed Cake

You can bake this yummy treat even at altitude, and you and your mates will be fighting over the last crumbs.

Reader Recipes: Easy Pasta & Rice Camp Meals

10 reinventions of trailworn dinner recipes. Plus some easy breakfast and dessert options.

Reader Recipe: Chicken Curry Wrap

Overall top-scorer: This wallet-saver meal is super easy to make but packs dynamite flavor.

Readers' Choice Issue 2011: Reader Recipes

BACKPACKER readers submitted scores of simple, delicious recipes. Here are 21 taste-tested favorites.

Trail Chef: Nutty Rice

Switch things up with this easy twist on a classic staple.

Trail Chef: Backcountry Eggnog

Just because you're 10 miles into the wilderness doesn't mean you should miss out on holiday drinks.

Backcountry Bartender: New Year's Sparkling Cocktail

Ring in the New Year with this twist on the classic champagne cocktail featuring pomegranate and brown sugar.

Backcountry Bartender: Build a Bar Kit

Can't decide on just one cocktail for your adventure? Put together a mobile backcountry bar kit.

Trail Chef: Wheat Pilaf with Bacon

Fill up with this savory and surprising dish.

Trail Chef: Savory One-Pot Meals--Chili Crunch and Tortellini Stew

Check out these delicious one-pot dishes.

Backcountry Bartender: Spicy Hot Chocolate

A double dose of chocolate and cayenne pepper will keep your taste buds hopping this winter.

Reader Recipe: Creamy Clam Chowder

A hearty, creamy soup that will fill you up in the backcountry.

Reader Recipe: Indonesian Pilaf

Red quinoa adds a nutty kick to savory herbs and veggies

Backcountry Bartender: Spicy Hot Chocolate

A double dose of chocolate and cayenne pepper will keep your taste buds hopping this winter.

Backcountry Bartender: Spicy Hot Chocolate

A double dose of chocolate and cayenne pepper will keep your taste buds hopping this winter.

Reader Recipe: Sweet Potato Pizza Pie

Instant sweet potatoes and mini marshmallows make this a unique twist on pizza.

Reader Recipe: Pecan Pancakes with Fruit Compote

These filling flapjacks have a pleasant crunch and natural sweetness.

Reader Recipe: Blueberry Crisp Bars

Take a break from gels with these fruity and peanut-buttery pick-me-ups.

Reader Recipe: No-Bake Cow Chips

Despite their eponymous appearance, these rich cookies taste divine.

Reader Recipe: Warm Apple Crescents

A yummy desert or breakfast cooked over the campfire.

Backcountry Bartender: Single Malt Scotch Review

If you prefer a flask to a cocktail in the backcountry, give these fine Scotches a chance to warm you from the inside out this winter.

Trail Chef: Russian Tea & Apricot Oatmeal

Fuel up with these belly-warming meals.

Backcountry Bartender: Craft Canned Beer Test

After testing 23 canned craft beers from across the country, we narrowed it down to our top choices--simply the best craft canned beers for backpacking.

Best of BACKPACKER: How to Do Everything

Climb higher, live longer, and eat better, o.k. be better, with these skills.

Trail Chef: 4 Hearty Sandwiches

For your next backcountry lunch, don't just munch on an energy bar. Try one of these tasty options.

Recipe: Drunken Choco-Berry Fondue

A top-ranked dessert in the 2004 REI/BACKPACKER Camp Cook-Off

Recipe: Omelette in a Bag

May 2000 readers' favorite

Recipe: Stick Cookies

March 1982 readers' favorite

Recipe: Angry Red Lentil Tortilla Soup

First-place entrée winner of the 2004 REI/BACKPACKER Camp Cook-Off

How to Do Everything - The Master Chef

Temper our recipe for Earthworm Patty Supremes with a little Drunken Choc-Berry Fondue. Plus, other recipes and cooking skills.

Backcountry Bartender: Box Wine Test

Box wine is back in a big--and quaffable-- way. Here are our favorites for the trail.

Backcountry Bartender: Hot Toddy--Old and New School

Learn to make the classic cold weather cocktail and get a primer on a new version that's sure to impress your tent-mates

BACKCOUNTRY BARTENDER: Ginger Spiced Apple Cider

Warm up with this recipe for apple cider with a kick.

Trail Chef: Backcountry Birthdays

Toasting to the day of your birth in the backcountry isn't complete without a proper dessert. Or three.

Winter Camping Skills: Bring the Right Cooking Gear

Don't forget these essentials when you're headed into the cold.

Winter Camping Skills: Plan Your Menu

Use these tips to plan perfect winter camping meals.

Learn the Art of Winter Cooking

The gear, techniques, and recipes you need to whip up five-star meals in cold climes

Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Toddy and Wintermint

Warm up with these tasty backcountry winter cocktails!

Four Season Kitchen Tips

Try these 6 kitchen tips, excerpted from BACKPACKER'S new book, Campsite Cooking: Cookware, Cuisine, and Cleaning Up. Plus, cold-weather tips from the pros.

Recipe: Molly's Kickin' Mac and Cheese

Fast, filling, and yummy macaroni and cheese is comfort food wherever you pitch your tent.

Trail Chef: There's a Worm on My Plate

And if prepared properly, it'll be quite tasty and good for you, too.

Trail Chef: 8 Tips for Making Perfect Pasta

Plus: Pesto Pasta with a Kick recipe

Trail Chef: Peanut Butter Omelet

It tastes delish. (Yes, really.)

BACKCOUNTRY BARTENDER: Backcountry Cucumber Mojito

Part rum, part minty-goodness. This one will help you hold on to the last warm days of the year in style.

Dirtbag/Gourmet Recipes: Fondue

Add rich, cheesy flair to your backcountry fare.

Recipe: Savory Gruyere Fondue

Wow your campmates with this restaurant-worthy appetizer.

Recipe: Beer and Pretzel Fondue Dip

Cheese and beer make this a camp favorite.

BACKCOUNTRY BARTENDER: Corralejo Tequila Sangria

Our resident imbibing expert takes on the Spanish staple...and adds a twist.

Trail Chef: Not-So-Common Ramen

In a tip of the hat to this universal noodle, here are two sweet breakfast and dessert ramen recipes.

Trail Chef: America's Next Titanium Chef

Last call for submissions for the 2011 Readers' Choice Contest! Plus: Three easy recipes for flat trail bread, tortilla sunrise, and a fruit smoothie

Trail Chef: America's Next Titanium Chef

Last call for submissions for the 2011 Readers' Choice Contest! Plus: Three easy recipes for flat trail bread, tortilla sunrise, and a fruit smoothie

Camp Chef Makeovers

Stuck in a ramen rut? Are your camp recipes ultralight but ultra boring? Does your food bag weigh more than you do? Our expert chefs solve these problems and more, with tips, recipes, and gear picks for 10 flood-flummoxed hikers.

Recipe: Tuna Salad with Sprouts

A simple tuna salad gets a nutritional punch with the addition of bean sprouts.

Camp Chef Makeover: Scurvy Guy

If your backpacking menu excludes anything fresh, read on for a few helpful tips.

Recipe: Easy Coconut Curry

Bring some spice to backcountry cooking with this easy, flavorful curry recipe.

Camp Chef Makeover: Mr. Lite, Fast, & Drab

Backcountry cooking doesn't have to mean bland.

Camp Chef Makeover: 7-Eleven Shopper

Fast food leads to fast crashes trailside.

Recipe: Smoked Salmon Pasta

A decadent pasta dish built for the backcountry.

Camp Chef Makeover: Mess Sergeant

Cook for a group...with style.

Recipe: Pepper and Pesto Omelet

Breakfast for two, any time of the day.

Camp Chef Makeover: The Foiled Foodie

Prevent fresh food spoilage on the trail with these tips.

Recipe: Apple-Raisin 'No Freeze' Oatmeal Bars

An easy, year-round homemade snack.

Camp Chef Makeover: The Winter Hiker

Staying warm does require extra calories when hiking in the winter.

Recipe: Cherry Cobbler

Camp Chef Makeover: The Sweets Lover

If you have a sweet tooth, you'll love this on-trail Cherry Cobbler.

Recipe: Smoked Trout with White Wine Sauce

A gourmet meal designed for the backcountry.

Camp Chef Makeover: Mr. Heavyweight

Packing the kitchen for a weekend away? We'll help you pare down.

Recipe: Ginger Garlic Soba

Punch up boring noodles with ginger and garlic.

Camp Chef Makeover: Lady Blah-Blah

Break out of the boring one-pot routine.

Recipe: Falafel with Tahini Sauce

Boost your on-trail protein intake with this tasty dish.

Camp Chef Makeover: The Herbivore

Easy ways to take protein on the trail without involving meat or overly fortified energy bars.

Trail Chef Recipe: Apple Pie on a Stick

What's more American than apple pie? Apple pie baked over a campfire of course.

2011 Readers' Choice Recipe Contest

Enter your favorite trail recipe for a chance to have it published in the January 2011 issue of Backpacker Magazine.

Trail Chef Recipe: Mini Chocolate Cakes...

...Baked in a soda can!

Dirtbag/Gourmet Recipes: Tacos

Fill up on these protein-rich meals.

Recipe: Colombian Arepas

This gourmet dish combines dehydrated ground beef, fresh cherry tomatoes, and arepa flour for a protein-filled meal.

Recipe: Chicken Guaco-Tacos

Chicken, cheese, and avocado–what more do you need?

Dirtbag/Gourmet Recipes: Curry

Spice up your backcountry menu with this flavorful and satisfying Asian staple.

Recipe: Mango Curry with Rice and Lentils

In 20 minutes, you can have Asian in the backcountry.

Recipe: Thai Red Curry Noodles with Soy Nuts

Spice up ramen noodles with this easy Thai dish.

Camp Chores: Doing Dishes

Just like at home, there's clean-up to do after every meal in the backcountry. Here's how to get your dishes clean.

Gear Review: Packit Gourmet Cheesecakes

Suffer no more: instant cheesecake for the backcountry.

Gear Reviews: Packaged Breakfast, Snacks, & Dinners

Your pre-trip shopping just got a whole lot easier.

Gear Review: Packaged Dinners

Take the hassle out of menu planning with these fast meals.

Gear Review: Yummy Camp Snacks

Cheese spread, bars, drinks, trail mixes–there's more variety than ever in trail snacks.

Gear Review: Fast Camp Breakfasts

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, don't leave camp without inhaling one of these tasty options.

Gear Review: Bamboo Mini Utensil Set

A fork, knife, and spoon for the green and ultralight crowd.

Gear Review: Herbal Oats Granola Bars

The four Herbal Oats granola bar varieties are all-natural, preservative-free, and delicious.

Toughest Gear: MSR Alpine Cookware and GSI Cascadian Bowls

Pots for the masses–and the ages.

Editors' Choice 2010: Tanka Bar Spicy Pepper Blend

Give yourself a flavor-rich protein boost with this update on a classic.

Gear Review: Lunch

This sweet and savory sandwich is a staff favorite.

Gear Review: Starbucks VIA

The best instant coffee ever

Gear Review: Coleman's Dirt & Worms

Kids will love this dessert.

Gear Review: PackIt Gourmet Condiments

Dress up any meal with these condiments.

Gear Review: GSI Outdoors Minimalist

The perfect solo cookset

Wine Review: The Climber, by Clif Family Winery

Clif makes wine? Yup, and good wine at that.

Trail Nutrition: Eat For Recovery

Double your trail miles–or just boost your energy–with protein-rich snacks.

Dirtbag/Gourmet Recipes: Couscous

This satisfying whole grain is filling, fiber-rich, and ready in less than five minutes.

Recipe: White Bean Chili 
with Couscous

With couscous, beans, and veggies this is a complete, and tasty, trail meal.

Recipe: Salmon-Tomato Couscous

Salmon jerky and curry powder are key to this hearty dish.

Editors' Choice 2008: GSI Outdoors Dualist Cookware

Party of two? Your cookware is ready.

Top Chefs: Reader-Submitted Recipes

We taste-tested a stack of your recipe submissions–everything from pasta to pub food. These four winners emerged as the best of the bunch.

Reader Recipe: Cashew Chicken

A spicy Asian dinner with satisfying crunch.

Reader Recipe: Backcountry Thanksgiving

A simple dish from two thru-hikers.

Reader Recipe: Sweeter S'mores

Think the classic campfire treat can't be beat?

Reader Recipe: Queets Valley Shepherd's Pie

Classic, pubworthy flavor for camp.

Reader Recipe: Ravioli au Beurre

Fresh pasta in less than five minutes.

Dirtbag/Gourmet: Thai Food

Bring takeout to the trail with these flavorful Asian noodle dishes.

DIY Fall Trail Snacks

Turn fall's harvest into healthy, energy-packed treats.

Recipe: Spicy Pad Thai with Chicken and Veggies

For authentic takeout on the trail, try this spicy Pad Thai.

Recipe: Easy Pad Thai

Craving something Asian on your next trek, but don't want to put in a lot of effort? Try this easy Pad Thai.

Winter Camping: Recipes & Menu Planner

These recipes are fortified with extra warmth and calories for winter camping.

BACKPACKER Trail Chef Video Center

From beer pancakes to on-the-go tiramisu, our resident Trail Chef will have your mouth watering in no time.

Dirtbag/Gourmet: Camp Potatoes Recipes

Transform boring old instant potatoes into spicy, hearty meals.

Camp Cooking Tips and Tricks

We'll show you how to be the ultimate trail chef in no time with these tips.

Gear: Backcountry Cookware

Just because you're in the backcountry doesn't mean you don't need cookware. Here, some essentials to make you king of trail kitchen.

Drinks For the Trail

From cocktails to coffee, these recipes and tips will keep you quaffed no matter what.

Snacks for the Trail

Need to recharge with something tasty? These savory snacks will do just that.

Dessert Recipes for the Trail

Finish your meal off right with these treats for the trail.

Dinner Recipes for the Trail

Whip up a four start meal with these trail side recipes.

Breakfast Recipes

Start the day right with these out-of-the-ordinary breakfast treats.

Recipe: Sesame-White Bean Potato Cakes

These potato cakes are heavy on the carbs–and taste.

Recipe: Italian-Style Potatoes

Spice up boring potatoes with some summer sausage, brown sugar, and tomatoes in this Italian-inspired dish.

Recipe: Wasabi Potatoes with Salmon

The wasabi adds a kick to instant potatoes, while the salmon is a perfect protein source.

Recipes: Perfect Pancakes

Batter up for these trail-ready pancakes.

How To Make Perfect Camp Pancakes

From toppings to cleanup, these four tips will enhance the perfect lazy-morning camp breakfast.

Recipe: Blueberry-Hazelnut Rice Flour Pancakes

This gluten-free variation on the traditional recipe serves up superlight cakes.

Recipe: Beer Pancakes

Reason #57 to love a good brew: The carbonation in beer makes for extra-fluffy flapjacks.


Flavor-infuse your lunch menu with these pesto tuna, ham, Gouda & apple, and spicy chicken salad recipes.

Recipe: Spicy Chicken Salad Sandwich

P&J is for amateurs. This spiced up sandwich is just what your taste buds need on the trail.

Recipe: Ham, Cheese & Apple Sandwich

Take your ol' ham and cheese up a notch with this concoction.

Recipe: Pesto Tuna Sandwich

Take your tuna to the next level with this gourmet sandwich.

Desert Recipe: Tiramisu

Ultralight Done Right: Food!

Easy, lightweight recipes. Plus quick ways to stay full and happy without hauling extra weight.

Family Camping: Fun Food

Meal-by-meal tips to please the whole family

Time-Saving Recipes: Kendall Katwalk Chicken and Dumplings

Scenario: The camp cupboard is bare, but the fridge is full of leftovers. Solution: These tasty dumplings.

Time-Saving Recipes: Alpine Pasta

Scenario: You want to eat gourmet, but only have 10 minutes to shop. Solution: This pasta dish featuring salami and diced 2 ounces sun-dried tomatoes.

Time-Saving Recipes: Ramen Foo Yung

Scenario: No grocery in sight, only a gas-station convenience store Solution? This tasty Ramen meal

Weekend Planner: Time-Saving Recipes

From dumplings to pasta, check out these three recipes for on-the-go goodness.

Readers' Choice 2010

We want your stories! Your photos! Your best trips and tips and all-time favorite gear! For this special edition of our Readers' Choice Awards, we're using your best stuff to create our January 2010 issue.

Readers' Choice 2010: Submit Your Favorite Trail Recipe

Editors' Choice 2009: PackIt Gourmet Austintacious Tortilla Soup

Put this meal on the menu for any trip: It's easy-prep trail food that will wow every palate.

Recipe: Campfire Baked Apples

With under five minutes of prep time needed, these apples will please anyone.

Recipe: Creamy Peach (or Berry) Pie

It doesn't get easier than fruit, pudding and boiling water for this simple dessert.

Recipe: Chewy Fudgy Nutty No-Bake Cookies

These simple cookies are perfect for the trial.

Recipe: Peppered Venison With Wild Rice Risotto

We're serving up gourmet grub from America's top cook. Here Mark Fischer, head chef of Six89 in Carbondale, CO.

Utensils: Primus Meal Set

Freshly grated Parmesan with your fire-side spaghetti dinner? That's not a problem with this easy to clean, full-featured mess kit

How to Do Everything - Camping

Find water anywhere, make a fire in five minutes, learn secrets for battling mosquitoes, and more.

How to Do Everything - Packing & Planning

We'll show you how to be ready to the the trail in 20 minutes, guaranteed. Now gear up!


Want to be a better hiker? Look no further. Our comprehensive guide is packed with the backcountry secrets that separate average campers from true wilderness experts.

Freshen Up with Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Upgrade your trail menu–and lower your carbon footprint–with farmers' market fare.

Packing Heat: Fiery Southwestern Recipes

These 4 red-hot recipes will warm you faster than any campfire.

Trail Recipes: Rising Sun Cuisine; Sushi on the Go

4 Japanese meals adapted–and enhanced–for the trail

Eat Better

Want to hike farther, explore tougher terrain, and carry big loads without bonking? To achieve your biggest backcountry goals, you have to change how you eat.

Recipes for the Trail: Fish Feast

4 hook-and-cook dinners just waiting to be caught

Recipes for the Trail: Underground Cuisine

3 tasty, filling trailside finds that could save dinner–even your life.

Trail Food: 3 Edible Nuts

You're lost, hungry, and starting to shiver: Time to play squirrel.

Menu Maker

Not sure how to eat right on the trail? You're in luck. We've taken the liberty of coming up with the perfect plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—for just about every situation. So break out your inner chef and get cooking. You'll be eating like royalty in no time.

Eating Well On the Trail

GORP is great...for a snack. Backpacker offers some pointers on keeping your energy up while on the trail.

Reader-Submitted Gorp Recipes

The trail-staple GORP gets a face lift with these reader-submitted recipes

Packing List: Kitchen Kit

When cooking in the backcountry, don't leave home without...

Why Backpackers Need to Eat Protein

Protein helps hikers regulate their metabolism, repair tired muscle, and boost their immune system.

Dinner Camping Recipes

Restaurant-quality dining on the trail. Choose from Mushroom and Tomato Orzo with Pesto or Chicken Posole Wraps for your next campfire dinner.

Appetizer Camping Recipes

Unwind after a long hike chilé fondue, French bread bruchetta, or an Asian peanut dip

Breakfast Camping Recipes

Spice up your oatmeal with lemony blueberry sauce. Or go for camp-side blueberry pancakes--topped by more blueberry sauce.

Week-Long Backpacking Menu

Avoid the Pop-Tart rut with Backpacker's seven-day, two-person shopping and menu list.

Weekend Menu: Vegetarian

Eat for energy minus the meat with this three-day, two-person meal plan.

Weekend Menu: Simple Meal Preparation

A three-day, two-person menu and shopping list for those who go camping to escape the rigors of everyday life--including the kitchen.

Weekend Menu: Campsite Gourmet

From cashew-ginger chicken to fruited scones, tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for the trail and the campsite.

Day Hike Menu: Ultralight

What to eat when you're one person spending one day on the trail and looking to travel light

The Essential Weekend Backpacking Menu

Banish blah food with this 3-day guide to quick, delicious meals.

Camp Stove Cooking: Curry in a Hurry

4 easy recipes that will warm your whole body.

Holistic First Aid

A naturopath's top 5 remedies for common backpacking injuries.

Post-Hike Beverages: Hot Trail Toddies

4 steamy drinks to spice up your after-dinner stargazing

Regional Trail Recipes

Four trailworthy variations on favorite regional recipes

Flavor In a Flash: Ultralight Spice Kit

Enhance bland backpacking food with an ultralight spice kit including everything from curry to soy sauce.

Backpacking Recipe: Spicy Trail Pozole

Stuff yourself with this camp-style version of a traditional Mexican stew.

Backpacking Recipe: Savory Corn Fritters

Pack your fishing rod; these biscuits go perfectly with fresh-caught trout or catfish.

Backpacking Recipe: Maple Sweet Grits

A simple twist packs protein into this down-home favorite.

Backpacking Recipe: Rum and Black Bean Soup

Enjoy this hardy and healthy Mexican soup at home or in camp

5-Minute Meals: Cups Of Cold-Weather Comfort

Four new recipes for belly-warming campfire drinks

Dessert Recipes: Beyond The S'More

Make your romantic weekend in the backcountry extra special by inventing your own dessert. Use these versatile starters from your pantry: piecrusts, pudding, and maple syrup.

Dessert Recipes: Sweets For Your Sweet

Sweeten up your next overnight trip with any of these 4 dessert recipes

5-Minute Meals: Backcountry Breads

Four hearty, ready-in-a-flash bread recipes

Instant Weekend Menu

Cooking tips and recipes for easy backcountry meals

5-Minute Meals: Quick-Prep Pastas

You really want more granola? Get your carbs in a tasty, new way.

5-Minute Meals: Pack In The Protein

Add four low-carb recipes to your trail cookbook

5-Minute Meals: Backcountry Crepes

Quick and simple crepe recipes for any meal

The Best Recipes: REI/BACKPACKER Camp Cook-off

The best gorp, breakfast, entree, and dessert recipes from our cooking contest: 200 contestants, eight finalists, one culinary king

Go Light, Not Hungry

The One-Pan Gourmet shows how to eat like a king.

Jiffypop Pan

This classic snack offers more then just a tasty treat for backpackers.

That Zesty Taste

Liven up your purified water.

Finding Food For The Long Trail

We tortured 51 trail snacks and staples to pick the longest lasting foods for backpacking.

Make Backpacking Meals Better

No refrigerator, no problem, says this cooking instructor. Here's her secret to making every meal better.

Your Backwoods Pharmacy

When illness or injury strikes, the medicine you need is in the plants alongside the trail and at your feet.

Packable Salads

These crunchy, easy-to-prepare side dishes will make your hiking buddies green with envy.

Camp Cuisine: No Cooking Required

Camping without stove or fire gains you freedom, flexibility, simplicity, and compactness, and sometimes a lighter load.

Chicken Soup For The Trail

Some trailworthy soups can even help you heal.

Trailworthy Cheese Alternatives

With a little creativity, dairy-wary hikers can find tasty and satisfying alternatives to cheese.

Be A Dried-Food Gourmet Chef

Create tasty trail meals like fish chowder, lasagna, and seafood with pasta.

The Great Gorp Contest

From "good old raisins and peanuts" to trail mixes spiced with hot peppers, Michigan cherries, beer nuts, and dried carrots, the ultimate backwoods snack comes your way, courtesy of Backpacker readers.

Dandelion Burgers: A Vegetarian Recipe

This vegetarian burger recipe will suit your palate and clean-up the environment.

Camp Rice: Using The Chameleon Grain

Rice takes on the flavor of whatever you add to it, so no wonder it's such a tasty, versatile trail food.

Pass The Powdered Beans

When it comes to punching up a bland menu,there's a whole world of flakes, granules, and sprinkles waiting to be tried.

Camp Breakfast Tips: Rise And Shine

Eggs on the trail, stoveless oatmeal, and other breakfast miracles from readers.

In Camp, Hit The Sauce

By themselves, noodles are just plain bland. Add the proper topping, though, and dinner takes on a whole new flavor.

Camping With A Fridge

That's essentially what the outdoors is, so use those cold temps to carry tasty foods that wouldn't stand a chance in summer.

Tofu, Anyone?

Tofu has been much maligned, but the simple truth is that it's tasty, nutritious, and an ideal trail food.

Camp Pastas: Use Your Noodle

It's tasty, nutritious, and will survive being crammed in a pack. Might pasta be the perfect trail food?

BACKPACKER Reader Cooking Tips

Cooking tips from readers.

Trailworthy Recipes

How to make dreamy drinks and crispy chicken in camp, and lots of other trail-tested cooking tips from readers.

Fresh Backcountry Food

Rather than tearing open an envelope, wouldn't you rather slice and dice something fresh?

Grow Trail Greens

Time it right and you can harvest fresh greens every day of your trip.

Advice From Chef Slacker

Boil, pour, stir, eat. Camp food doesn't get any easier than this.

Camp Tortillas: Wrap It Up

Wrap your dinner in a tortilla and you've got an appetizing and tidy way to satisfy those hunger pangs.

A Gruel And Unusual Taste Test

Fearless campers sacrifice their taste buds to determine which instant breakfast is best.

The Backcountry Cupboard

Stock these 25 essentials for grab-it-and-go meals.

Camp Coffee Explained

Here's how to make your morning cup of joe the best in camp.

Spice Up Your Camp Food

Spice is the variety of life, so add ground pepper, ginger, and other taste bud tinglers to your camp meals.

Camping Spices To Go

These spices add zest to bland camp meals.

Getting Your Just Desserts In Camp

Just because you're in the woods doesn't mean you have to sacrifice dessert. Here are a few recipes for tasty end-of-the-meal treats that'll satisfy anyone's sweet tooth.

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