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Professor Hike

Professor Hike: Your Must-Have, Favorite, Can't-Leave-Behind Gear

What's the one item you can't leave home without?

Prof. Hike: Don't Get Lost, Have a Backup Plan

Bad things happen to good hikers. Everyone should have a smart back-up plan--or two.

Prof. Hike: Leave Blisters in the Dust

Blisters are the most common on-trail injury, but blisters are also easy to prevent.

Prof. Hike: Beating Summer Heat, Bugs, & Crowds

Your action plan to make high summer hiking and camping enjoyable.

Prof. Hike: Ode to a Plastic Bag

Are plastic bags an immortal evil or a hiker's best friend?

Prof. Hike: The First Five Minutes

When you're lost, your initial decisions will make the difference.

Prof. Hike: Make Your Gear Last Longer

Transform your gear closet with 11 money-saving tips.

Prof. Hike: The Backpacker's Reading List

Seven great books and the outdoor places to enjoy them

Prof. Hike: Rely on Yourself, Not on Your Phone

Join the effort to make mobile phones safer for the trail.

Raise the Adventure Bar

10 tips to make an average hike extraordinary

Countdown to a Successful Hike

Stop trailhead snafus with this pretrip checklist.

Prof. Hike: A Backpacker's Guide to Smart Personal Hygiene

6 tips for staying clean and fresh on the trail

Prof. Hike: Catching Hiking's Most Wanted

The most dangerous mistakes are the ones you don't recognize.

Prof. Hike: Prevent Civil War on the Trail

Don't let different hiking speeds tear your group apart.

Prof. Hike: This Post Might Save Your Life

How your cell phone calls for help even when you don't have service

Prof. Hike: The Ex-Pyromaniac's Guide to Fire

How to light an expert blaze every time

Prof. Hike: The Instinctive 127 Hours

Why Aron Ralston's survival required more than a multi-tool

Prof Hike: The End of Off-the-Grid

Spot's new gadget adds satellite reception to smartphones anywhere.

Prof. Hike: 5 Gear Tune-Ups for the New Year

Hit the ground hiking with this off-season checklist.

Prof. Hike: 5 Unwritten Rules of Trail Etiquette

If Miss Manners backpacked, she'd agree with us.

Prof Hike: Where the Wild Things Are (and Aren't)

Why you don't need to worry about snakes, spiders, and bears...and what you should worry about instead

Prof. Hike: Don't Get Caught in the Dark

How to avoid an unplanned night hike and what to do if it happens anyway

Prof. Hike: Camping (Comfortably) in the Cold

How to stay warm in your bag, keep your water bladder's tube from freezing, fuel your furnace, and more

Prof. Hike: Making the Best of a Bad Situation

I've made the mistakes so you don't have to.

Prof. Hike: Gearoholics Anonymous

Are you overspending on gear? Here's how to get the right stuff at the right price.

Professor Hike: Top 10 Beginner Hiker Blunders

"I've made the mistakes so you don't have to."

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