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This Speck In The Distance Is Probably Bigfoot

Or maybe just a hiker.

Canadian National Parks Get Wi-Fi

Blame the millennials.

I Hiked The Grand Canyon With David Beckham, Posh Spice, And Gordon Ramsay

Sort of.

Get a Bear's-Eye View on Life

These videos show what it's like to eat, sleep, and play like a grizzly.

Bonobo Makes Fire-Building Look Easy

He even roasts marshmallows!

Illustrator’s Amazing Wilderness Paintings Are Smaller Than A Penny

Impressive art from Sam Larson.

Motorcyclist Group Saves A Baby Moose With Gatorade

Bikers have a soft spot for wildlife too.

Grizzly Takes On a GoPro Camera

Amazing up-close-and-personal footage.

Epic Mud #Fail

A (hilarious) cautionary tale for us all.

Baby Animals Taking First Steps

Nature's most adorable moment.

‘Bear Simulator’ Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

Admit it: you'd play this.

Fearsome Wolf Tamed By Belly Rub

Everybody's favorite thing.

New Video Game Is Set in Remote Wyoming Wilderness

Can a game really evoke the experience of manning a fire tower?

Mother Polar Bear Snuggling With Cubs Will Melt Your Cynical Heart

Your daily dose of cuteness.

Video: Tiger vs. Dust Buster

Rumble in the (Household) Jungle.

Yellowstone Is Leaking Helium

Listen for those high-pitched wolf howls.

Python Devours Crocodile Whole

Because Australia, you know?

How To Cook Camp Meals in Molten Lava

Waaaay faster than JetBoil.

No Joke: NPS Tells Rangers in Washington and Colorado Not to Toke

Marijuana use is still prohibited under federal law.

This Mount Fuji Prank is Hard to Beat

One unlucky hiker got a rude awakening in a backcountry hut.

Man Fights Off Shark With A Knife, Then Gets A Beer

As one does.

This Is Why You Don’t Let Your Kids Get Close To Lions

They are not big stuffed animals, people.

Dogs Love Snow For Pretty Much The Same Reasons We Do

It's really fun, says science.

Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day

Plan your schedule accordingly.

Watch POV Footage of Falcons Murdering Crows In Mid-Air

They really know what they're doing.

Husky Says 'No' To Kennel Time—Literally

We've all been there.

Bear Skips Hibernation, Hits The Ski Slopes Instead

The bruins of California haven't gone to sleep yet, apparently.

Not Joking: You Can Make $20,000 By Selling ‘Mountain Air’ to City Slickers

Business is booming.

Adorable Polar Bear Cub Takes First Steps…


James Franco on location filming ‘Yosemite’

The actor will play his own father in the semi-autobiographical film.

What Happens When You Shoot Boiling Water From A Water Gun Into -40 Degree Cold?

Snow, naturally.

Alligators and Crocodiles Use Tools Now, Apparently

Because, you know, they weren't dangerous enough already.

Last-second Christmas Gift: Bearded Ski Mask

You’re welcome.

Colossal Gingerbread House Breaks World Record

For deliciousness, that is.

Watch Santa Deliver Presents Parkour-Style

Now we know how he gets all his deliveries done in one night.

No, You Can't Trade a Live Alligator for Beer

At least one Florida liquor store doesn't consider reptiles to be valid currency.

Yellowstone Supervolcano: Way Bigger Than We Thought and Way Overdue


Sledding Crow Is Amazing, Better At Sledding Than You

Too late to get him on our Sochi Olympics team?

Go Nuts!

How trail mix will help you live forever (or close, anyway).

Eagle Steals Video Camera, Makes Sweet Movie

Not bad for a first attempt!

Nature’s Biggest Jerks

Who are the biggest jerks in the woods? Pine beetles, that's who.

You’ll Never Guess What Animals Do On Trails While You’re Not Hiking

A hidden camera reveals a wildlife superhighway.

America’s Highest National Park Is Not Denali…

…it’s Yosemite, where rangers issued the most citations for marijuana possession since 2009.

SAR teams remove obscene rock art near waterfall in Twin Falls, ID

More like “Twin Phallic.”

Pig chugs 18 beers, picks a fight with a cow

11 Wolves vs. 1 Grizzly

One lucky Grand Tetons visitor catches a crazy showdown between charismatic megafauna on video.

Alaska man donates amputated leg to search and rescue dogs

Fetch just got real.

Man punches grizzly IN THE FACE

Fairbanks man wards off a tent-invading bear with his fist.

Just a little off the top: Denali gets shorter

In a recent scientific survey, North America’s tallest peak loses elevation — again.

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