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Backpacker Magazine
#NPS100: Don’t overlook the stunning and colorful Midway Geyser Basin on your way to Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. You can find a sight like this in the sizable Grand Prismatic Springs in the Basin. It’s important to stick to the boardwalks in the Park, as the thermal features are as delicate as they are beautiful. Even the smallest of footprints can take years to heal. Join Subaru of America, Inc. in their effort to leave a legacy of beauty in the Parks! Learn more at
Backpacker Magazine
Slot canyons are beautiful -- but doing them justice in photos takes some practice.
Backpacker Magazine
#NPS100: Far from light pollution, we saw the Milky Way pop from the infinitely starry sky in Yellowstone National Park. Where’s your favorite place to see the stars? We’re touring the country’s National Parks in celebration of the National Park Centennial this year. Visit to learn more. #FindYourPark
Backpacker Magazine
They're no Ray-Bans, but these emergency shades could save your eyes.
Backpacker Magazine
#NPS100: This easy family-friendly hike to Fairy Falls in Yellowstone National Park is a two-for-one: on the way to this 197-foot waterfall, there’s an amazing vantage point of Grand Prismatic Springs, one of the most colorful thermal features in the Park. #FindYourPark
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