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  • A grazing brown bear on the Alaska Peninsula - a place about the size of England that is home to around 9000 of them! It's probably my favorite place on earth. In late May and June the bears graze almost 24-7 - the sedges are packed with protein and the bears seem to crave it early in the season. To replenish nutrients lost during 6 months of winter denning. (photo/Chris Morgan) Chris Morgan’s Favorite Wildlife Photos
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Friday eye candy: Gorgeous landscape photos from the pros at Tandem Stills + Motion, Inc.
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We're finally ready to accept applications for our National Park Scouts job this summer! Here are the details.
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Are your photos on U.S. public lands legal? Here's our handy primer.
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Subaru of America, Inc. WinterFest was a success! Thank you to Jack Frost/BB Ski Resort, Boyne Mountain Resort, Big Sky Resort & Mt Bachelor! Thanks to Keely Kelleher, @JulianCarr , & Jess McMillan for rocking it on the slopes at Subaru Winterfest! #winterfest #subarusnow
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[Sponsored] Hike the Endless Wall Trail in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia, voted #1 in USA Today’s reader’s choice contest for Best National Park Hike. Find your adventure at
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