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The 2016 Colorado Trail Fest

In 2016, BACKPACKER threw a hiker party on the Colorado Trail. Get a glimpse inside.

  • The 2016 Colorado Trail Fest
  • So You Want to Be a Gear Tester?
  • Editors’ Choice Snow 2016: Black Diamond Helio Fixed Length Poles
  • Editors’ Choice Snow 2016: Therm-a-Rest Z-Lite Sol
  • Editors’ Choice Snow 2016: Starbucks Via Instant Coffee
  • Editors’ Choice Snow 2016: Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro Ski Boots
  • Editors’ Choice Snow 2016: Qalo Silicone Rings
  • Editors’ Choice Winter 2016: Petzl Leopard FL Crampons
Backpacker Magazine
First, there was the crack of the snow fracturing beneath his feet. Then, the world went white.
Backpacker Magazine
Spotted at Outdoor Retailer: Not all the visitors to OR were there to look at gear. Bubo the Eurasian eagle-owl strikes a pose at Meridian Line's booth. #ORshow
Backpacker Magazine
Spotted at Outdoor Retailer | Winter Market 2017: The Crescent Moon All-Foam Snowshoes are made from, you guessed it, foam. The shoes have a rockered shape, which eliminates any slapback as you walk. #ORshow
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